Cleaning lady

There were lots of stars early this morning however the moon, what remains of it, was still in bed. Venus had a head start and was shining brightly. The moon eventually joined in the game.

Venus is left above the moon. Bottom right is the harbour light in the distance.

We walked around as usual finishing off with a trip over the rocks just as it was becoming light enough. Luis was not present for biscuits at the collection point as he had more pressing business elsewhere. Some important barking which required his attention more than the prospect of food.

We were back at exactly 07:00 so I changed to go out for a run. Winston came too and we went out earlier than for a long time. There were fewer people about and even the supermarket was not yet open. The run was uneventful although it appeared further than normal. Probably because I missed a few days and I need to get into practice.

Xanthippos and his gang were starting work when I came back so I disappeared into the shower which was very warm so I turned off the heater. After breakfast, the guy with the large motorhome came to say he was leaving. After only four of the seven days he’d paid for. He said he didn’t want a refund for the odd days. He showed me his van, I played ball with their little dog and then they were on their way.

Not long after, Xanthippos called me to take a look at his new puppy. I know this puppy as it is one of four which I see when I’m running through Kountoura. He was taking it to the vet to have its jabs.

Soon after, Georgia arrived to survey the kingdom and take note of the progress of the works. We talked about how the additional chalet would fit in with the other two which are near to her house. It’s going to involve taking down the shade over the pitch as the posts are too close to get the new chalet in. I would have measured it earlier perhaps. Silly me! I’d previously received a phone call from an English guy who said he was at Chania with a group of ten people. He asked if the camping was open and I said I would be there all day. I suspect they might have been planning to catch the bus and might have missed it as no one showed up.

Mikhalis was painting the women’s bathroom so I decided to clean the men’s bathroom just in case this group arrived. As it was, Mikhalis finished the work very quickly so both bathrooms are operational. I was hoping that Olivia might be coming today but Georgia had someone else with her. The bathrooms are cleaner now although it was rather a superficial clean.

Just as I was about to take the dogs for their walk, I received a phone call from a German number. It was a couple who were standing outside the taxi office in Paleochora. They asked if they could take a cabin for the night and then I offered to pick them up as I felt it would be quicker than them trying to find a taxi and me hanging around waiting for them. Once I’d picked them up I discovered they’d not eaten and they asked if there was anywhere close to the camping. I took them to the supermarket so they could buy some food. But they didn’t have any eating apparatus so I gave them some cutlery and a couple of bowls. The cabin was a bit sandy due to all the work going on outside so it needed a sweep. It was getting dark before I managed to walk the dogs.

We went for an express walk passing what I thought was going to be the first FreeLoader of the season. He chickened out as he and his tent and car had disappeared when we returned shortly after. It was a rapid walk as time was moving on but we are back at the camping and all fed except for me.

My food is ready so I plan to feed myself before it’s bedtime!


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