Ursula, Tony and Heidi are still in France due to weather

Ursula was hoping to arrive in one of her staging points in Italy this evening however the weather turned pretty nasty making driving difficult so they have decided to call it a day and stop. They are heading to Ancona for the ferry to Patras and then to Athens before Crete.

The couple who I picked up in Paleochora yesterday evening decided not to stay more than one night as, without transport, they feel the camping is too far out of town. The other couple, who have been here a week through the worst weather for a while, say they enjoyed their stay and would definitely return. They are moving on elsewhere on the island. They were replaced by a Swiss couple in a motorhome who have paid for two days but may stay longer. They have been to Greece before but this is their first time on Crete.

I was pretty active early on with the Early Walk followed by a run to Kountoura, a shower and then a trip to Petrakis for some food. I chatted to Yannis, who leaves for New York on Monday. He wanted advice on taking money on his holiday. I suggested he took some cash but paid for most things on his card. I had a following wind on the way back which is the way I like it. I’d rather be pushed back when I have a load of shopping rather than have to punch into the wind as well as the additional weight.

Other than one support call from Sue at Inter Sport, the day has been fairly uneventful. I made some minor adjustments to some email accounts and the day drifted away.

This evening, there were several people about when we went for the Evening Walk however they conveniently crossed paths with us as we arrived on the Promontory. It was reasonably calm so I took my drone to fly it about. I think I have some angry pictures of Luis trying to get the drone.

It’s been warm and sunny today with a temperature of over 25℃ inside. I swept and mopped the floor of the van earlier. Oskar is chasing a bowl around endeavouring to remove any morsel of meat which might remain. He’s already chased his bowl off the decking onto the ground below. He has a good appetite. For once, I didn’t close the door on Luis to find that he’d pushed Obi off his food which he was about to devour. I picked Luis up, much to his annoyance, and placed him back inside closing the dog gate.

My food’s ready so…


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