Hottest day of the year

To make up for the grotty weather throughout the winter we seem to be enjoying some lovely days. Fresh though it was this morning, the sun soon warmed up the day, the insects are out, the bees are buzzing and spring might at last have sprung. The cups of my anemometer are turning slowly and the sea is almost flat calm. Altogether a fantastic day. The weekend is not looking so promising as there could be rain from midday tomorrow with heavy rain during the night. Saturday and Sunday could be showery although temperatures remain around 18℃.

Some more Swiss arrived this morning having taken the ferry from Githion on the mainland to Kissamos on the northwest coast of Crete. They have paid for a week and I put them close to their compatriots who seemed less enthusiastic. The latter agreed that they are out all day and are leaving tomorrow so it will cease to be their problem. The first Swiss couple are medical doctors which lead to a lively discussion about healthy eating. There have been many comments that doctors spend little time on nutrition and too much time pumping pills into their patients. I suggested we agreed to disagree.

There were a couple of support calls but very little other than two computers to update and remote printing to fix. I took some oil to Chris and Claire which they will swap for some of their tasty spice mix. We discussed their journey home as they wish to visit Poland en route. I suggested they might visit Prague as this is on the way. They have yet to say when they plan to leave Grammeno but I think they still need some time to get over their various time zone changes. From Australia to UK, from UK to Greece and the time change on Sunday. It has been a bit of a mix-up during the past three weeks.

The dogs have been fairly well behaved today despite all the goings on around the camping. The strimmer is still creating noise and dust so everything is shrouded in a thin film with little stones scattered all around. At least the forecast rain should wash down the paths and buildings. Another guy is raking so the camping is looking neat and tidy. Xanthippos is getting on well with his various shading projects and he tells me the work by the bar should soon be finished. He has to provide shade over the new chalets and over the area north of me. He’s going to be busy. Peter, Angelica and their friend have been working hard to clear T3 which they should technically quit today. Peter asked if would be possible to leave his boat and motorhome for a few more days but I referred him to Georgia for that decision. Still no sign of the elusive Olivia and she doesn’t come if the weather’s bad.

Georgia’s dogs are making a good racket so I’ll wander down to see why before taking mine out for their evening walk. The customers were taking pictures of the landscape so the dogs were barking. There were fishermen on the promontory as well as one lone photographer as we walked along. I was able to let all the dogs go once we reached the far end. They didn’t see the fishermen and the lone photographer was atop the large rock in the middle so out of their line of sight. I distracted the dogs by putting them on their leads and giving them biscuits so the photographer could get away unscathed.

I’ve not seen my pussy this evening so, unless she’s made friends with someone new, she’ll be hanging around for food. Further inspection confirms that Georgia appears to have given Peter and Angelica an extension on T4 as their possessions are still to be seen on the decking.

The solar lights are coming on and the sun has well and truly set. The mosquitoes are gather in number so the insect season is beginning. So much rain fell during winter, we’re going to be well blessed for insects this summer.

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