Yucky weather again

More wind and rain for this weekend! The forecast was talking about 42mm rain for tonight. Hopefully that will not come to pass.

At least it was dry for me to walk and run this morning. I contemplated a few extra laps as insurance against not being able to go out in the evening but I’ve walked around the camping a lot today so that made up for it.

The Swiss doctors left and I discovered another couple who apparently arrived around 20:00 but were advised by the other inmates to set up shop and wait until the morning, as I was out with the dogs. They have paid for two nights but may stay longer.

A phone call whilst I was with Peter for a key handover earlier promised the arrival of five with tents. They asked if there was any accommodation so I offered them T2. It will be cosy for five large chaps but less cosy than being out in a tent in the rain for the weekend. I made no secret of the weather so they have paid for two nights and will review the situation on Sunday.

The lovely Olivia decided to clean the toilets this morning although I didn’t see her leave. I met Chris later who told me all the paper in the dispensers was wet so I duly went and opened the dispensers to pull out dry paper. There was one dispenser without any paper in the ladies and the floors had been left wet so I mopped them over quickly. Otherwise, there is a trail of footprints as people tread water and sand all over the place and it looks as though we don’t care. The floors are also slippery when wet. I quickly swept out and mopped the central kitchen as that was pretty disgusting too. Maria called me later, as Mikhalis saw me cleaning and wondered why since Olivia was supposed to have done it earlier. He called Georgia who then called Maria. I explained to Maria the state I found everything so I understand Georgia is going to have words. Black looks for me from Olivia again.

The weather quickly deteriorated and now it is raining and windy. The Evening Walk has been cancelled as a consequence. I’m now in bed with the rain lashing down outside and the wind rocking the van. So far, we’ve had nearly 5mm rain bur more is forecast. I look forward to the morning…


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