45mm rain since 10:30 yesterday

No record I grant you but enough rain seeing the day is not yet done. Since midnight 40.4mm precipitation has descended on us. It was forecast to come mostly in the night however the bulk came a little later during the morning and early afternoon.

The Early Walk was a little later than usual as it was raining as I returned from the loo so I waited. The dogs voted with their feet and went back to bed. It was around 06:00 when we left the gate into the field heading towards the promontory. There was a wonderful aroma of herbs as the dogs and I brushed against the wet plants as we passed by. The sky was heavily cloudy and the moon was yet to rise but I was able to turn off my torch quite soon as there was sufficient light to see. All went well until it started to rain quite hard so retreat was the only sensible option. It rained harder still so we were pretty wet by the time we were back. I dried off the dogs and allowed them into the van whilst I retired to my boudoir to read the news on my computer. My laptop battery eventually drained so required a charge and I needed the loo, so I got up and went out into the light rain.

Nothing was stirring on the camping but I turned off one of the water heaters and came back to prepare my breakfast as a run was out of the question without flippers. I sat in my chair and waited for my porridge to cook in the Instant Pot then prepared my fruit and all the other paraphernalia included in the breakfast bowl. It was raining almost constantly for most of the morning so I only ventured out just before my weekly phone call in order to turn off the other heater. We have twelve people on the camping so the potential for twelve showers requiring lots of hot water on a wet morning.

I rained for most of my call and continued on after. I decided to watch a lecture on YouTube and recall little of it having fallen asleep. By this time, the rain had stopped so I went to check out the camping and to see how many punters remained. The Swiss couple who arrived late evening two days ago had left but they paid in advance so could leave whenever they wished. I chatted to Chris and Claire for a while and Xanthippos arrived on his chariot to inspect the camping and no doubt report immediately to Georgia. Chris gave me a bag of Garam masala mix in exchange for the oil I gave them.

It was still dry so I thought it best to get out with the dogs whilst the going was good. It was early for the Evening Walk but the sky looked cloudy and still quite threatening. We walked on the hard sand and crossed the rocks despite waves breaking over the causeway. It was a very pleasant walk and very warm as the wind was from the south and not the north or northwest as the past days.

I prepared my meal and put it into the IP then fed the dogs who are now digesting their meat, oats and doggy biscuits. I thought I’d try something a little different for them today. I can hear rain falling on the roof once more so it would appear my timing was better than this morning.

The end of a soggy but warm day


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