Busy, busy, busy…

The five young Germans decided to stay on for another night despite the weather forecast which turned out to have been rather pessimistic: it was more pleasant than was made out. They went fishing by all accounts but will not be having fish for supper tonight. They are off to play nicely on the Promontory where they will light an illegal fire and sing jolly songs. I said I didn’t care so long as they don’t burn down the island or break the trees.

After the Early Walk, I went for a run followed by an almost satisfactory shower. The water was cold as there was no sun yesterday so an hour heating it up wasn’t really enough in my book.

I’d resolved to remove the pole down by the bar which had the previous WiFi repeater on it. The repeater has not worked for over a year and is now redundant however it’s one of those round tuit situations. I wanted to remove it whilst Xanthippos wasn’t around as otherwise he’ll be straight on the phone to Georgia and there will be a Court of Enquiry. I find it much easier to do things surreptitiously and no one notices. Say something and it’s a major event!

I took the opportunity of repairing the cable from the kitchen to the workshop as many of the cable ties were brittle from the sun then broken when we had the strong winds over the winter. I managed this and resolved to prune the trees later once Mikhalis and Xanthippos had left. Another job today was to empty the refrigerator in the kitchen when has been running since the end of last season. I binned everything and put the plug in the door to stop it from closing.

When Xanthippos found a moment from swanning around like the camping owner, he confided that Olivia was getting the sack for lying to Georgia about the hours she’d worked. Georgia usually gets all British Telecom, fires everyone then realises it’s difficult to find other idiots to do the job so reinstates them all. Finding a reliable cleaner must be difficult and, although Olivia has been anything other than reliable over the winter, she eventually cleans. Xanthippos is the biggest sneak in the whole world and is not a big fan of Olivia anyway.

I did spend some time doing nothing today but had the desire to get stuff out of the way whilst I could. I’ve pruned any branches liable to interfere with the network cables both between the kitchen and workshop and the eucalyptus between the office and the bathrooms. A job which should have been done when I installed the cable last year. I shouldn’t have to concern myself with those two cables until next spring. I have a couple more cables which require my attention but these can wait until May or June when it’s warmer but not too hot.

Other than a chat with the Germans, I’ve not done much except the Evening Walk which went without any problem. It’s 20:30, a bit later than usual as I tend to take the dogs later at a weekend now that the clocks have changed. My strategy of moving my wakeup time by five minutes per day prior to the clock change appears to have paid off as I have not found this week to be as difficult as previous years.


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