Will Olivia receive yet another chance?

Olivia was waiting outside the linen store when I went to the office to drop something off. I definitely received the cold shoulder and I could see that she was anxious about the outcome of her meeting with Georgia. Xanthippos was telling me he thought she’d blotted her copybook once too often and there would be a replacement. But then I know Georgia well enough to know that she gets all worked up then changes her mind as soon as she cools down. Anyway, the suspense will hopefully ensure that Olivia is a little more attentive at least until the next time. I noticed a little cleaning so she had done some work today and Ursula and Tony’s cabin is ready.

I removed garments when walking and was slightly overdressed for running. There have been showers with an occasional, more determined downpour and even some thunder and lightning in the early afternoon. Despite the unpredictable weather, Xanthippos was able to press on with erecting the shading around Ξ3 so that most of the noisy work was out of the way before Tony and Ursula arrive early tomorrow morning. It’s just a matter of putting the mesh and the leaves to finish the job.

Due to the unpredictable weather, I didn’t go into Paleochora for any shopping. As it turned out, I would have got wet as the showers were just enough to get one wet before stopping. As the day progressed, the showers became more frequent. I thought it was safe to go out without a coat for the Evening Walk but noticed as we walked across the Promontory that the sky was darkening. We just made it to the large cave in time to avoid yet another heavy shower. I knew it would be heavy as I could hear the rain beating on the plastic of the greenhouses in the far distance. Always a good indication that there is heavy rain only seconds away. We emerged from the cave under light rain and went to the large sandy area to throw balls. The sun came out but the rain persisted leading to a very interesting rainbow. I could see that the rain would continue so cut short the walk to head back to the camping. Fortunately, I’d taken in the dog blanket, a towel and my trainers before leaving. We arrived back at the camping only damp around the edges. I’ve fed the dogs and Charlie is just doing a final polish on Orkar and his bowl outside, oblivious to the rain which has just begun. Sensibly, the other dogs are under the canopy where Oskar is looking for any morsel left by the others. Charlie is going to want to come inside shortly but is going to be out of luck.

My supper is ready so I’m going inside to eat it. Better weather tomorrow hopefully and more settled for a while at least.


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