They’re here!

Ursula, Tony and Heidi arrived at the camping this morning after a brief stop for coffee in Paleochora. The ferry deposited them in Souda Bay bright and early then they made their way over the mountains. I’ve not driven over the mountains since our trip to Maleme the last time they were here in February. I understand there are several locations where the mountains have been washed away due to the heavy rains over the winter period. There was yet another wet day last Saturday with around 45mm in twenty-four hours. Undeterred, they arrived at Grammeno to discharge their possessions together with much of the Embroiderers’ Guild IT equipment which they kindly agreed to transport from UK for archival purposes.

The dogs and I were out at the normal time for the Early Walk. Passing a lone rental car with a couple of sleeping figures, parked in the Grammeno Beach car park. If they’d wanted a comfortable bed, one would have been available only a few meters away. The walk went without incident despite playing chicken with the breaking waves on the causeway in the middle of the rocks. We returned to the camping dry and with the same number of dogs as we set out. I ran to Kountoura purchasing a chocolate croissant on my return and then, having dropped it for Tony to find in their cabin, went for a shower.

I exchanged the items in the storeroom for those that Ursula had transported for me. These included a rhubarb plant which managed to survive the journey from Normandy to Crete. Whether I can get it to produce any rhubarb or not, remains to be seen. I understand it’s not easy to grow rhubarb here. Heidi came to visit her siblings and play nicely together. Their reunion normally takes place on the Promontory but this time it was in the compound. The other dogs were inside the van but I released them as soon as Heidi arrived. They immediately reacquainted each other and it was as if she’d not really been away for six months.

I left them all together while Tony, Ursula and I went shopping in Petrakis. I had no fruit for breakfast nor anything for later. The spinach was good so i picked up a load to prepare something for later. I also got other items seeing as we came in the car.

Back at the camping, I had breakfast then got oy n with my day. The afternoon was broken by a visit from Tony and Ursula who was bearing a cake just out of the oven. We munched cake and drank tea then went for the Evening Walk soon after.

It was a repeat of the previous day’s weather with a heavy shower at about the same time. I watched it arriving so had disappeared into the cave. Ursula, who was ahead of me, got very wet so took Heidi back to the camping. I also returned but spent a little longer with the other dogs.

I put on some rice and spinach which we ate together followed by the remains of the cake from earlier. Hence I’m posting this later than usual.


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