We didn’t get wet

A little later out this morning as I needed to send a couple of messages before leaving. There was an enquiry for Matthew’s bathroom hut yesterday and I needed to finalise the meeting arrangements. eBay filter their messaging system so that you can’t send your details, email address or a web link. This is to ensure that the sellers and buyers complete the transaction via the eBay environment so that eBay can collect a hefty 10% commission on transactions. eBay did very nicely on the previous sale with something like £1,500 collected in fees. If PayPal had been used for payment, the fees would have been greater! As it happens, the prospective buyers found Matthew by means of my carefully conceled instructions so he is a happier man.

Ursula was waiting at the end of the Promontory with Heidi, who tore around like a mad thing when we arrived. I went off for a circuit around the Promontory with all of my entourage. The level of participation decreased during the subsequent circuits. Ursula completed her own, less adventurous walk accompanied by whichever dog chose to be there. We returned to the camping together.

Ursula got on with her Pilates while I went to turn on the water heater and bump into a German guy who was searching for the loos. It transpired he’d just arrived with his van, wife, baby daughter and dog. I performed the normal welcoming procedures then left them to sort themselves out. Apparently, they’d been up for a lot of the night and needed to catch up on a little sleep. By this time, it was nearly 08:00 and I’d not run which I duly did collecting a pastry for Tony on the return leg. Yesterday was chocolate and today’s was apple. Maybe tomorrow will be cheese and something. Winston was with me catching me up with the latest developments in Flanders. We are motoring through 1918 so approaching the end of the war.

I returned to find Xanthippos fretting that some of his young workers hadn’t shown up. For some reason he expected me to know where they were. I left him to play nicely on his own so that I could grab a shower. It was not too warm this morning due to clouds and a persistent westerly wind. Fortunately, the water in the showers was hot.

Breakfast followed and then some gentle admin. Chris and Claire are leaving tomorrow so I need to get their bill together as they arrived on 6 November, left for Christmas in UK to return on 27 March after a trip to see Chris’ daughter in Australia. They may be heading to Spain in search of some property now that Brexit looks as though it may be delayed significantly.

The Evening Walk was preceded by a cup of cinnamon tea and some very yummy cake chez Tony and Ursula. We sat out in the sun to admire Xanthippos’ handiwork. He insisted Ursula accompany him on a tour of inspection earlier.

There was a car in the Grammeno Beach Car Park: a couple with some small children. I tried to make out if they were arriving or departing and decided not to let the dogs off as I couldn’t make out which. We had a lead walk to the end of the Promontory and search for Oskar’s prong collar which seems to have come off during this morning’s walk. I must not have attached it correctly as it was present on the outbound but not on the return.

Ursula and Tony are going out to eat and I shall finish off some spinach as I bought rather a lot yesterday. The IP has just gone ‘plop’ so we’d better go in so I can eat.


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