Chilly start

After 05:00 the temperature dropped down from 14℃ to 9.8℃ which was why we found it so brisk when we left for the Early Walk. We were just behind Ursula and Heidi as we headed south down the Promontory. I let mine off and they soon caught up with Heidi. It was dark this morning although first light is now around 06:00 when Venus is just above the horizon. My astronomy app has recently been updated and many of the functions have changed making it more complicated for me to find my way around. I feel certain the changes make the app more useable however, until I invest more time getting used to the changes, I’m going to be fumbling around.

We walked and searched for Oskar’s missing prong collar to no avail. We returned to the camping and Ursula went off to find her washing and the bananas she kindly purchased on my behalf on her way back yesterday evening. I set her washing going then got changed to go out running. Meanwhile Ursula was being spurred on by the dogs as she got on with her Pilates. It was somewhat later when I returned from my run in time to see Chris who told me he and Claire intended to leave around 11:00. I’d made sure their bill was ready the previous day so just needed to check the electricity meter. They paid, we said our goodbyes and they set off for the north coast and the ferry to the mainland.

Ursula was the first wash of the day then there were two more from the Swiss/German couple. The final wash was for yet another young German family which arrived this afternoon. Their wash only went in at 18:00 so will be able to dry all night. They are camped down by the sea next to the junipers.

I managed to fit breakfast in somewhere as well as a protracted conversation when I took back the third lot of washing. Morning disintegrated into afternoon which was interrupted with a little IT work as well as the arrival of the aforementioned German family. They came by plane so have a tent and a rental car. They have paid for three nights.

It was time for tea and some more of Ursula’s excellent cake. We slurped, munched and chatted while Ursula continued with the preparation of the curry for this evening. I needed to take out the dogs so left for a pleasant walk over the Promontory. Both Obi and Luis went swimming. Obi then decided to absent himself although I could have reacquired him on the way back. He was walking nicely in the right direction but didn’t actually manage to make it back into the compound so was to be found later lurking in the camping. He gave up with little struggle.

The Ursula curry was a great success and there is even some left over! What a shame! We unanimously decided we were tired so I think everyone will be in bed by 22:00 and asleep soon after.


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