Friday night is customer night

Sitting enjoying a cup of tea and cake with Ursula and Tony when Xanthippos called over to tell me a couple had arrived. They turned out to be from Strasbourg in France. A holiday offered as a sixtieth birthday present by friends. The couple are halfway through their two-week tour of the island. They have a tent and a rental car. No sooner had I sat down when another two couples arrived. This time from Germany. They are nearing the end of their holiday so will be staying for six nights before catching the ferry to make their way back to Germany. They have motorhomes and are occupying the place where I was when I first arrived in 2013. They wish to do some walking so I was able to give them some ideas to consider.

This morning’s walk was one of the warmest for a long time in contrast to the previous day. The sky was reasonably clear although a little cloudy to the east. We walked and talked then returned to the camping. Ursula for Pilates and me for a run having turned on the water heater. I almost wished I’d not taken my light fleece but I need the pocket for money and a bag for Tony’s daily pastry. I had only enough money for a chocolate croissant but there were none so I had to settle for a cheese pastry as apple was more expensive.

Xanthippos was trying out his newly acquired electric spray gun this morning as he’s been painting the metal uprights for the new shading. It sounded a little like an angry wasp at times. They are getting on with the extensive shading area above the new buildings which will be adjacent to T2/T3. The shading area next to Tony and Ursula is complete although there will be an extension over the entrance to the bar to protect the refrigerated vending machines selling snacks, pies etc. He has another large area to construct so will be busy for some while to come.

Whilst waiting for some laundry, I started to clean the ice-machine which I have now left to produce its first batch of ice cubes which I will jettison. I appear to be the only individual who is technically qualified to maintain the machine. It needs a certain amount of dismantling to clean it properly so probably better that I should do it.

The dogs were somewhat noisy while I was cleaning the machine so were confined to the van for a while. They have been there all day. I let them out when I came back from my campsite duties: they all rushed out, turned around, then went back in. It’s been a bit cloudy today but pleasantly warm this afternoon.

The present camping contingent is as follows:

Tony and Ursula (GB)
Swiss/German couple with camper
Young German couples with child x 2
Retired German couples with motorhome/camper x2
Semi-retired French couple with car

The wind is now from the east as I can hear the sound of the sea on Alonáki Beach. The dogs are going to need a walk so I’ll change from my shorts and T-shirt to warmer clothes and then we’re off!

Charlie has a large but fairly superficial bite on his back. They were horsing around this morning but I don’t think it was from there. I will check him out as it’s a bit of a mystery as they are never very far away from me when we’re out although Charlie sometimes slopes off for a wander. He was the last back this morning but was pretty attentive this evening. Maybe he’s been poking his nose in where it was unwanted?

The Evening Walk is done, the dogs fed and all but Obi and Oskar inside. I’ve just put my food on to reheat: a rerun of Ursula’s excellent curry from last night. I topped up the rice with a little ‘yellow’ rice and a few lentils. I plan to do interesting things with beans for tomorrow evening when we shall be dining together. Ursula and Tony are eating out in Downtown Paleochora this evening though there are fewer choices since many of the restaurants remain closed for the winter.

The wind is still from the east but now gusting to 6Bft/39km/h/24.4mph. It’s forecast to increase to 63km/h overnight.


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