Grey and gloomy – as for the weather…

One of the German couples with small child and dog left this morning but I’ve just received a phone call to ask me for details of a vet in Chania as their dog has injured a claw while chasing after goats or similar. I’m not sure the goats will have been too chuffed either. They said they found the camping via the Google site and read the reviews. Hopefully Georgia will take note of the importance of being available online and the effective nature of positive reviews.

I have been cooking this afternoon and have created at least six portions of something which I hope will turn out to be edible. Surprisingly it contains beans of two kinds as well as various vegetables and spices. The proof of the pudding…

Other activities for today included fiddling around with some of the kit kindly transported for the Embroiderers’ Guild. I have managed to get both of the storage devices working so now need to transfer and archive the data from the server. Earlier, I was using one of the battery chargers I purchased to charge a batter. I felt the battery case to find it warmer than I would anticipate. I checked the voltage to discover the battery was being charged at 17.5v well over 15.5v which is the normal maximum. Hopefully the overcharge has not permanently damaged the battery. The charger made a pop before blowing the fuse. I shall be contacting the supplier to ask for an explanation.

The day started warm enough as I had the van door open all night for the first time this year. I normally expect to be sleeping with the door open from April/May onwards. It was not chilly walking around the Promontory and I’ve been wearing light shorts and a T-shirt since coming back from my run. My light fleece has been on and off with the sun although it has been mostly warm. The forecast rain has now started so is damping down the sand quite nicely. Fortunately, I leave later for the Evening Walk on a weekend as there are often people still out on the beach and the Promontory. The rain will send them all packing assuming it stops soon enough to go on a walk. I’m providing food for Tony and Ursula this evening so don’t want to be coming back too late.

The electricity has gone off causing my battery backup to have a crisis so I’ve just turned it off. It has quite a small battery so is not capable of sustaining equipment for long periods however it’s good enough for when I’m watching TV in the evenings. During bad weather, the power can go on and off at regular intervals causing the computer to shut down each time. The computer takes a while to reboot so it can be extremely annoying without a backup power supply.

I have moved my laptop over to my phone for Internet access so that I can post this blog for later. Even when the power resumes, it takes a while for the Internet Connection to come back online as it would appear that our local Internet distribution point also has no backup power supply so has to reinitialise each time the power fails. I’d hoped to be able to avoid this by putting a UPS in the office but I have no control over what the telephone company does outside the premises.

The lovely Olivia has cleaned the bathrooms today but she has not reported to me. I think I’m still getting the cold shoulder for my alleged part in her downfall. I notice she has been less than attentive when it comes to cleaning the toilets on my side of the camping. I expect it’s for the same reason.

The rain has stopped and the sky looks clear so I may take this opportunity to give the dogs their Evening Walk. The dogs are now munching after the Evening Walk which was very pleasant and took in the rocks too. There was no ball-throwing due to time constraints: I wanted to get back to tend to the food. The Instant Pot is now beeping which indicates the rice is cooked. So now I don’t care if the power goes off. So there!

Contrary to my expectations, there was a couple with a baby in a buggy by the entrance from the field to the road and a teenage (?) ‘couple’ smooching by one of the trees. We passed by without incident albeit with excessive exuberance on the part of Oskar due to his lack of prong collar which certainly reduces his tendency to pull.

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