Notre Dame is burning

Sad to see that Notre Dame is burning. The fire was caused during some repair works. I hope the contractor has plenty of insurance.

I’ve just come back from Chez McGeorge as it seemed more sensible for me to go to them as Ursula was cooking this evening. A most excellent meal as usual in the convivial surroundings of their ‘shed’ as we affectionately call them. Ursula was planning to complete her blog and then do some reading however good intentions abound. I have a feeling she might feel more inclined to go to bed and fall asleep.

I’m sitting at the back of the van surrounded by slightly damp sleeping dogs. Luis could not be any nearer to me unless sitting on my lap. They didn’t get an evening walk today as a storm started just as I was planning to leave. They had a good walk this morning and have been out for most of the day mostly lazing in the sun.

Antonis came to pick up my scrap batteries which he says he’ll get good money for. He needs all the help he can get with the arrival of their baby in August. He tells me he’ll start work at the hotel next week and be working 7/7 through to the end of July/August as he wants days off when the baby is born. He’s going to buy another car then retain his present car for working only. He’s getting it from the guy who drives the school bus. You can’t sell anything dodgy around here as everyone knows everyone else. If you try to rip someone off it’s like trying to rip off the entire community.

It has been cloudy for a good part of the day although we could see some stars this morning. There was also a fresh breeze but now there is no wind. The day warmed up to a high of almost 21℃ and it remained pleasantly warm until this evening. I took my light fleece running and wished I hadn’t.

A German couple with an elderly dog arrived today and are parked for a couple of days down by the sliding gates onto the beach. They have a nice motorhome but I felt at home when I looked inside. The woman apologised for the mess but I replied that, with five dogs, I have proportionally more mess.

Xanthippos was giving me a tour of his masterpiece of construction and welding. He welds without a mask or any protection. He showed me a hole in his bum-bag caused by molten metal. He’s completely crazy. We went on to criticise the new shower and toilet builds which he informs me were 500€ a piece. Georgia was dismayed to hear his criticisms yesterday when on her tour of inspection. The actual timber is reasonable however the construction is pretty poor and attention to detail non-existent. It is hoped they will survive ten years…

I did lots of useful things today however not many that I’d intended. There was another enquiry for Matthew’s bathroom hut, the one which was sold last week. The lady may come to see it tomorrow and Matthew will construct one to order. He’s completed the refurbishment of the main hut so I will need to update the eBay advertisement and website tomorrow.

It’s now 22:00 so I expect Ursula will have fallen asleep while writing her blog. I need to go to bed to get my beauty sleep too.


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