Back again

Olivia phoned to say there was a motorhome coming into the camping. Only when I saw Anja that I realised they had been away for around a month. They went to see Stavros at Maleme to get additional vaccinations for Muffin their dog. What they didn’t realise was that it would take a two weeks for the results to come back from the labs in Athens. They have returned to the camping for a couple of nights and will ultimately head towards Elafonissi which they enjoyed the previous time around.

I was ahead of the game this morning and had almost completed my second trip around the Promontory when Ursula and Heidi arrived. Apparently, Ursula’s bed was beckoning to her making it difficult to get up. It was a very pleasant walk as the sky was reasonably clear and it wasn’t too cold. The decking was wet from the previous evening’s rain as Ursula sat down at the end to enjoy the morning sun. I was getting ready to go for a run after feeding the cat and turning on the water heater. My run was a little draughty from the westerly wind but altogether not too demanding. I had Winston with me who mentioned some Hitler bloke who he felt might become a bit of a nuisance. The Wall Street Crash has just taken place and the world is plunged into a financial crisis. Just the sort of situation for a nationalistic party to rise to power whilst blaming a minority for the ills of the world.

I didn’t go for a shower until later as I was interrupted from my morning routine by the arriving guests. It was just about warm enough at 10:45. Breakfast followed and then a fairly busy day. A support call from Anthea at EG whose computer had to be recovered after some horrible mishap. It was necessary to reinstall the accounting software and set that up again. Other activities involved a couple of emails to ensure the latest of Matthew’s Bathroom Hut customers met up with him at the appointed time. There were also some interruptions from Xanthippos who needed to repair his angle grinder as the cord had failed close to the device and he didn’t have the right tools with him.

After a decent start, the sky clouded over, and there was even a sprinkle of rain. It became cold and overcast so I was obliged to put on extra insulation. Walking past Ursula and Tony’s cabin, I noticed they had both retired back to bed! The cold spell gave way to blue sky and plenty of sunshine although the cold northerly wind persisted. The dogs were in and out all day some preferring to stay inside the awning tent out of the wind only to venture outside when the sun was more determined. The top temperature was 19℃ with a low of 11℃ but the wind made it feel much chillier.

The afternoon trundled by and I went down to Ursula and Tony for some tea and cake which was very nice. I felt a little overdressed as, by this time, I’d decided it was too cold for thin shorts and a light fleece so had transferred back into my early morning wear. After tea, Ursula and I took the dogs for the Evening Walk. I went via the field as now Muffin is just inside the gate offering too much of a temptation for the likes of Luis and Charlie. Heidi is more balanced when not having to show off to the others. There are sheep in the field and the corner gate is actually closed. Not to worry as it easy to remove a small section of fence on the east side of the field.

The walk went well once out of the wind. Luis ran around as did Fido until he sloped off to give his ball a good chewing in a secret location away from my prying eyes. Luis benefited from my complete attention until he signalled he’d had enough and we set off back to the camping. Ursula and Tony have gone into town on some errands and will doubtless find a suitable restaurant for a little supper. I have some of last’s night’s wonderful meal to finish off.

The pot has worked its magic so I shall get the dogs into the van and have my meal.


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