Better weather from now on. Hopefully…

My day started at 05:00 but I quickly fell back to sleep until 05:25 when the pressure to rise was upon me. There was a setting moon however I failed to see it as it was blocked from my view until too late. Full moon is Friday so, from then on, we should have light mornings which will be helpful. Moonlight is stronger than people think, especially when the moon is full and high.

We walked, returned to the camping where I went for a run and Ursula did some Pilates on the decking. Both events went without drama as I’d put three of the dogs inside the van. I went for a rather cool shower and suspect the water heater is not working properly. As far as I could make out, I was the first to use the men’s showers. I warned the customers they might wish to wait a little until the sun helped to heat the water.

The couple with the elderly lab left later in the morning and their opposite neighbours moved in to occupy their space to the confusion of Ursula who had been for a swim. Tony, very helpfully, picked up her shoes not realising her glasses were inside. I am charging up my metal detector to go out to try and find the missing glasses which are buried in the sand. Tony wandered around aimlessly for a while so the glasses could be lost in quite a significant area of the beach.

I busily got on with creating three websites for EG as part of their transfer away from their failing site. I also dealt with a number of other fiddling administrative tasks as well as the occasional visit from Xanthippos who managed to let Obi out into the camping. Fortunately, Xanthippos went and got him back quite promptly.

Ursula reported a white Labrador on the beach and the owner turned up later looking for it. Too late but I took his number in case the dog returned.

The children are off school for the Easter Holidays so there are more people on the beach. A German couple, staying in Voutas with another two couples, visited the camping to check out the wooden tents as they wish to come to a location where it’s warmer and by the see. Voutas is in the mountains so considerably cooler than Grammeno. They said they would call me if they decide to come tomorrow. I have alerted Olivia just in case they come.

The Evening Walk passed gracefully and now the dogs are munching their biscuits with their daily ration of two pieces of doggy meaty chunks. Tony and Ursula are on their way to partake of a gastronomic experience created earlier. I put turmeric in the rice which I would normally do when cooking with a pot inside the Instant Pot. Unfortunately, the heat from the pot burns the turmeric to the bottom causing the pot not to acquire normal pressure. I’m sure it will all turn out alright in the end.


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