Winter again?

We’ve come back to the camping after a pleasant meal at Houmas restaurant which we discovered has been open since last Saturday. The wind was pushing against the plastic blinds which, during the summer, are wound right up to provide a wonderful view over the bay. Tonight, the weather is far from summery with a northerly wind blowing cold and hard. I’m writing from the comfort of my bed waiting for my feet to warm up. The doggies were silent as I approached the compound and only Obi came to welcome me as the other were locked inside. They were turfed out to do their last wee however Obi didn’t take the opportunity to grab a premium slot inside, preferring to remain on a blanket under the canopy in the awning tent. The door of the van is shut and I have two blankets back on my bed. When will summer come?

The first new arrivals today came at 12:00 just as I was about to make my weekly phone call. They have a very large lorry-style motorhome which required Xanthippos to lop several branches from the trees on the entrance road. The Swiss customers were impressed by the effort expended to get them into the camping but, once in, quickly pulled their 8m vehicle into the spot I occupied when I first arrived at Grammeno. I have since done them a load of washing and they have paid for four nights.

8 metres long, 3.5m high and 12 tonnes. The Swiss lorry-style motorhom

The second arrival of the day was a French couple with a medium-sized motorhome which they parked by the sliding gate to the beach. There was a certain amount of delay as they manoeuvred into their place. They have a wash in progress and have paid for two nights with electricity.

The first excitement of the day was me forgetting that we returned from last night’s walk via the camping entrance and had left the gate from the compound open onto the field. Only Obi disappeared into the darkness as we set off on the Early Walk although he and all the others could have gone walkabout whenever they chose. Obi eventually surrendered himself to Ursula once we were back from the Early Walk although he remained present for a certain portion of the walk.

Today’s high reached 22.7℃ with a low under 10 and a current temperature of 15.4℃ even though the wind makes it feel somewhat cooler.

Georgia came to the camping today to survey the works in progress. She is still having to walk on crutches and will need to continue for a little while longer.

As the wind buffets the van, I shall pull up the sheets and soon fall asleep. An annoying mosquito buzzes in my right ear.

This time next week I will have been in England one day.


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