Happy Easter!

The most notable event of the day was the wonderful meal prepared by Ursula and consumed chez moi. The loveliest Thai curry I’ve had for a long time. Ursula loves to experiment with recipes and this one was wonderful. Thank you Ursula!

A cold northerly wind accompanied us on the Promontory this morning so I found Ursula lurking in the rocks sheltering from the wind when I returned from my first circuit. We didn’t hang around but kept going, even when the sun started to provide a little warmth.

We separated for running and Pilates then I went for a lovely hot shower followed by some breakfast. It was quite good going for a Sunday morning. Xanthippos and his crew were busy early on and good progress has been made on the various projects around the camping. Work continues on the shower installations on the existing outside loos as well as the new loos for the new four-man wooden houses.

I swapped over computer components from the EG server so that I can run the virtual machines as and when the need arises. I vacuumed and mopped the van floor and did the same for the awning area later just before going out for the Evening Walk.

Olivia came to tell me about some arrivals for M1/M2 but I knew about them from Maria. Xanthippos announced them when they finally arrived taking the keys to welcome them. I suspect he simply unlocked the doors and left them to get on with it since he was quickly back at work.

I signed up for a postal vote and arranged a DVLA reference for my Gatwick car hire. The afternoon trickled by and it was time for a cup of tea and the end of the birthday cake. Ursula took Heidi out but I was called to welcome an older German couple who wished to stay for one night. Our walk was later as a consequence.

On my return, I fed the dogs then went down to collect the saucepan with the curry as we were eating up here. I was, as stated, an extremely tasty and delicious meal. We didn’t sit around too long as the wind appeared to have gone back to the north, so colder. I have retired to bed so likely to fall asleep quite soon.


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