Door open tonight

Perhaps summer will be with us at last. Today has not been too warm although the top temperature is 21C which hardly compares with the high of 28℃ in Lewes today. Apparently, much of southern Europe is cooler at the moment. At least it was warm enough to get all of my washing dried and folded up today. I woke just after 05:00 and considered loafing in bed but remembered I needed to do a wash so I took off my sheets and gathered up everything else. I had too much for one wash to put in the lighter items with the sheets and left the fleeces and shorts until last. The first batch was ready after the Early Walk and the next nearly ready after my run. It was none too warm early so we needed to keep going to keep ourselves warm.

Antje and Marcus, in their van by the sliding gate, had left their washing late last night so I put in their load once I’d done mine. I delivered it to them later on. The French couple left quite early as did the German couple who stayed only one night. The other arrivals today were a young Greek couple with a small boy. Maria tells me she’s pregnant which is why she wished to take Ξ1 which is nearest to the bathrooms. She speaks very good English and is studying English literature. She, her husband and young son are staying for eleven nights so will not be here when I return from UK.

There were no support calls this morning as it was Easter Monday but I dealt with a few small IT tasks anyway. I wasn’t feeling particularly proactive. Other highlights included ordering some new shoes as my present walking shoes are a little tatty. I shall retain the old ones for dog walking only. At least they survived longer than the previous pair which literally dropped to pieces.

I spent some time getting all the camping admin up together to make it easier to hand over to Maria when she arrives. I understand she is on the Souda ferry tonight and could possibly arrive in the camping on Tuesday night. I don’t care so long as she’s here before I leave on Friday morning.

The afternoon became very hazy, the sky clouded over and there was little visibility at sea. One could feel very cold air from the south. Ursula offered tea and cake so I went to join her and Tony for a cuppa. Later, I went back to make my bed and fold up my dry clothes, meanwhile Ursula took Charlie and Luis for the Evening Walk leaving me to follow later. Luis, having finished barking at the fisherman with his dog, could be persuaded to dash around after his ball a little. Fido was more content to continue chewing his.

Everything was a little delayed due to the new arrivals as they came whilst we were out.

The door is open as it’s warmer outside so I think I may be throwing off the blankets tonight.

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