No longer the ‘pukemobile’

I’ve just finished cleaning out the pukemobile in preparation for the possible arrival of Steffie in May and so that I don’t have to drive myself to the airport in a skip on wheels. I gave it a going over back in the winter but the transportation of Princess and Pea to Maleme and then to Souda took its toll in a serious way. Then there was yet another trip to Maleme for Obi and Oskar to get their microchips back in February. We used that sunny day to visit the German cemetery too. The car is now clean, inside and out, having vacuumed the luggage area and washed down the outside. I was pretty disgusting due to bird poo and being parked under the trees. I also checked the oil to discover it was quite low so have topped it up.

The Early Walk and subsequent run were warmer than yesterday. I awoke around 04:00 and didn’t seem to be able to sleep again so was out promptly and raring to go. At that time, the sky was comparatively clear and the moon reasonably bright. As the day has gone on, it has clouded over and become windier however it’s not cold. I got a shower after my run then went with Ursula into town to get some food, visit the electrician and fill up with petrol. It’s been a bit of a car day today.

The morning was interrupted by a couple of IT jobs but otherwise fairly calm other than some dog barking. I had to put them all inside as there are men working on the insides of the bathroom huts which compliment the new chalets next to T2. Oskar and Luis are unable to resist barking when there’s some banging and drilling going on as well as unknown people nearby. The cat has become slightly less of an attraction although Luis slipped out of the gate behind me this morning and chased her into the storeroom. She climbed up onto the large fan in there and I held Luis up so they could commune. It was not an entirely successful operation with the others excitedly yapping from within the compound. Luis is not a very calm dog and can go from calm to manic is no time at all.

The plan was for me to cook for us all this evening however I was running out of day and then a new customer arrived. A German called Hans from Munich in a motorhome. Xanthippos spotted Hans as he was leaving the camping on his Silver Dream Machine so turned round to call for me. He took me on his motorbike to the entrance so that I could welcome the new arrival, then departed for home. Hans will be staying until Friday and has chosen one of the motorhome bays quite close to the main bathrooms.

I wandered down to Ursula and Tony for a cup of tea and some more of the yummy, albeit rather crumbly, chocolate cake created yesterday. It’s a lot easier to eat the cake using a spoon as it’s not terribly cohesive. But it tastes great so who cares about the crumbliness?

The wind is still very much from the east as I can hear the waves on Alonáki Beach. The wind is projected to continue into tomorrow culminating with a similar intensity as today. The high for today staggered to a rather disappointing 19℃ which is not so good for the time of the year. I suppose it’s good that it’s not raining. According to the forecasts, the wonderful weather experienced in UK will decline by the time I get there and the temperature will increase here on the day I leave. Typical!

On the way to the Promontory for the Evening Walk, I encountered Ursula and Heidi talking to a Dutchman who, with his family, was in a motorhome parked in Grammeno Beach car park. He was looking for activities to amuse himself and his two young sons who had plenty of energy. I suggested they might consider Anydri Gorge from Gialiskari Beach. A pleasant little round trip with a rest stop at the Το Σχολείο restaurant which is conveniently situated at the top of the gorge. This is then followed by a gentle walk back down the hill to pick up their motorhome parked a little way past Paleochora camping. That should wear them out!

The Evening walk was quick and intensive as time was getting on by the end of our conversation. It gets darker considerably later so I tend to lose track of time.


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