Maria, where is she?

It’s 22:30, Tuesday has passed and still no Maria. She asked what time I plan to leave tomorrow when she emailed earlier and I told her 10:00. She said she was travelling the other day when I spoke to her and Olivia thought that perhaps she was swimming from Athens. Olivia fears being left in charge of the camping over the holiday weekend. I understand that Georgia is coming tomorrow as Xanthippos was asking me about the ice machine which we discovered is still in a million pieces all over the floor. Definitely not fixed and working. Xanthippos turned on the noisy fridge instead. It can get very loud as there are some bearings going in the motor. All of these little problems are starting to conspire together.

The day got off to a fairly normal start with the Early Walk, run, pilates etc. The shower and breakfast were also fairly normal and Antje and Marcus were leisurely packing up their van ready to leave. I went to see them off and then we got to talk about Instant Pots as Marcus has to lose weight in order to qualify for an operation on his ankle. They were about to leave when the Swiss/German couple pulled into the camping and announced they would stay for at least a week. We were heading off to Anydri at 15:00 so I took down the electricity meter and collected their money saying I’d come back later to talk to them and collect their washing for an overnight wash.

We had a very pleasant meal at To Skolieo and headed back to the camping in time to take the dogs for the Evening Walk. I expected the day to end at this point although I knew the new arrivals wanted to put a load in the washing machine. Olivia is at the camping most days, so using the machine making it more complicated to do customer washes.

We’d not long returned from the walk when Ursula came up with Hans the German guy with the VW van. His van got a puncture somewhere in the mountains but he doesn’t have a spare so went to Paleochora and hired a jeep, removed the wheel and came back to the camping. His van was still in the mountains so he needed somewhere to sleep. I rented him a room and he went off to get something to eat. In the meantime, I called Manolis, Georgia’s brother who owns the garage, and arranged for the wheel to be checked and another tyre to be ordered. This is Easter Weekend in Greece so an important holiday. It’s unlikely he will get a new tyre until Tuesday at the earliest. He’s paid four nights so far.

I went to get the washing from the Swiss/German couple to put it on during the night. We has a bit of a chat and then we took the washing to the machine. I was about to head back when Ursula phoned to say that Hans could not get back into his room as the key would not turn. I went down to check this out and get a spare from the office. Neither key works reliably.

Anyway, the washing is in the machine on the timer and Hans is now in his room. I’ll leave a message for someone to change the lock of Ξ4 and to leave the key in the door. I need to do the paperwork for these new arrivals and then go to bed.


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