End of stint

I was up until nearly 01:00 sorting out camping customer monies and paperwork. I put it into plastic folders ready to be taken to the office the following morning. I was not long in bed as a result since I was awake just before 05:00 and out of bed shortly after. I turned on the water heaters and could see the washing machine poised to commence the wash for the Swiss. The Early Walk continued apace as I was more interested in moving on with things than the dogs. At one point, Luis and Fido absented themselves and I heard distant barking. I reacquired Oskar and Charlie during my next lap as I thought it better to have only two distant barking dogs than four. The two miscreants were later discovered loitering on the Promontory and were also reacquired to prevent further disturbance.

The walk was followed by a run which included an explanation to the bakery lady that I wouldn’t be present for a couple of weeks. Back at Grammeno, I got a shower, had some breakfast then took the money to the office and the rubbish to the bin. By this time I’d managed to get most of the clothes I required organised.

I was ready to go so left Tony and Ursula in charge of the dogs. The drive to Souda revealed the extent of the landslips. I arrived at the airport with plenty of time to spare which was fortunate as I spent most of it dealing with IT enquiries. I was second on the plane as a result of some judicial preemptive planning. The plane was an Airbus A321 which takes more passengers yet offers more room within. Despite leaing Souda a little late, we arrived early in Gatwich.

The hire company has recently reopened their hire desk in the North Terminal so, following a considerable delay, I picked up my Polo and drove to Greyfriars where mother cooked me supper following a brief chat. I was pretty tired so left soon after.

Back to Glebe close to be viciously attacked by Kαλη who was determined to have her tummy constantly rubbed. So now I’m falling asleep while writing this.


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