Happy Birthday, Eleanor!

Following my early night I was awake and ready to go before it was light but managed to sleep on nevertheless. I checked the outside temperature before going out to discover it was 6℃ which felt like 4℃. I concluded that a second pair of socks might be a good idea – one pair for my feet and one for my hands.

A gentle mist wafted over the grass as I ran towards the windmill on Juggs Road. Καλή was chasing rabbits for a change but we met up by the gate at the top of the road. The trot through Kingston was gentle as was the return to Glebe Close.

Eleanor was preparing to leave for work as I arrived back and she was soon out of the door. I had a shower and some breakfast and left for LBS with Καλή at my side. We walked across the recreation ground and up Rotten Row then down the High Street towards Castle Precinct. Simon and Caroline were in the office and Καλή behaved beautifully although she wasn’t keen on the polished floor preferring the rug by Simon’s desk. We left and continued on our way to Greyfriars via Lewes Smith where there was another surprise. Both Tilly and Woody were in the office but Καλή took it in her stride. It wasn’t long before the three dogs were lying down quietly in the main office. I enjoyed a cup of tea whilst we chatted.

We finally arrived at Greyfriars where there was a certain amount of disarray due to the arrival of Mother’s new electric chair. Not the execution kind but the one which reclines and has a leg support. Mother is very pleased and says it’s extremely comfortable. Eleanor arrived to collect Καλή but I stayed for some soup.

My next visit was to Screwfix to return a pair of shorts and then to Tesco for a little shopping. I arrived back at Glebe Close as Eleanor was cooking some food so I joined her for some garlic baked potatoes au gratin.

We took in a couple of episodes of ‘Allo ‘Allo and I suspect the day will soon fizzle out.

Καλή relaxing


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