Restful day

I was awake before the alarm and surprised not to hear the tapping of claws on the wooden floor. I was up and putting on my trainers when I hear a light scratching on the living room door. Καλή had decided to spend the night on the sofa in the living room. Eleanor assumed she was with me and I that she was with Eleanor. Καλή was all up for a run over the Downs so we set off together into the early morning cold.

We took the same route however I let her off the lead once we were at the bottom of Juggs Lane. There was a woman with a dog half-way up the steep section and she seemed a little perturbed to see us. Into the field and Καλή spied rabbits so was off. Certainly not pacing herself today as she was running full pelt after the rabbits in a futile attempt to cut them off before they reached their holes. Back on the lead, we went through the village and towards Lewes. We saw several dogs out running with their humans and I thought it very generous of them to allow their humans to accompany them.

I needed to warm up my hands before taking a shower they were so cold. The temperature at that time was 5℃ somewhat chillier than my normal morning run. After breakfast I decided to have a restful morning with my laptop. There were some outstanding jobs which required attention.

Eleanor and I had a little lunch and then Gilly arrived so the two of them and associated dogs went out for a walk. Shortly after, I left for Lawrence Broking where I spent most of the afternoon dealing with a few small jobs and looking at a NAS drive. I walked back to Glebe Close via Waitrose.

Eleanor had just returned from Brownies so we ate together and watched the first episode of ‘Allo ‘Allo which, after all this time, is still funny. The day ran out and now I’m back in bed


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