Happy memories of Hindhead

Each time I’ve returned to Hindhead I’ve not visited Hindhead Common where I used to spend a great deal of my time walking Dave and Boris. Today, I rectified that by parking outside number 10 Tyndalls and going for a short walk on the Common. It was a beautiful afternoon with ponies grazing peacefully, horse-riders trotting by and dog-walkers in the distance. I met with another Chris, the father of my neighbour at number 11. He doesn’t seem to have changed and we enjoyed a shot chat before he continued walking his dog.

I was soon with Andrea meeting her pigs who were unimpressed at yet another stranger. The last man to see them punched a hole in their ears to implant the tag which all pigs must carry to comply with infection regulations. The hens and ducks are now free to roam the lower part of the property as they enjoy turfing up the soil in search of food. Rodney’s garden project is progressing well and he still has plans afoot for other embellishments.

Rodney appeared with a work colleague to look at the next phase of the garden project. We then went into the house where Rodney donned his chef’s hat to prepare supper for us. Lola had already cooked some food for herself and anyone else interested in partaking.

We had a most enjoyable meal seated in their kitchen-diner surrounded by their three dogs. Rodney showed me how well he was doing with the house and then it was time for bed. Like me, Rodney is up early so starts to go into a decline after about 22:00. It was marvellous not to have to drive back now that they have a spare room and can invite guests to stay. I’m in a very comfortable bed with a view out to the garden and the woods behind. I look forward to first light to see what I’m missing this evening.

Καλη and I were out around 05:45 although I confess she is not showing the same level of enthusiasm as she was at the start for some reason. Eleanor will have to walk her before going to work in the morning as I shall not be there. We completed the morning run whereupon Καλη retired immediately to the sofa to snooze. I took a shower and had some breakfast.

I then took her, via the Railway Land, into Greyfriars where I left her for Eleanor to collect after work. My next stop was Laurence Broking to deal with a couple of IT tasks. Simon left to visit his mother in London and I left shortly after to walk back to Glebe Close to pick up the car. The trip to Haslemere was uneventful, the weather dry and warm. I even had the window open for part of the journey!

On previous visits, I’ve arrived in Haslemere just as the schools are coming out and it has taken some while to get across the town. This time I left early so was ahead of the game. There was plenty of time to pop into Tesco for a bottle and a few other bits. Got to keep the cook happy after all. In fact, only Andrea drinks wine and Rodney was the cook today.

I will be up early to join Rodney for a cup of tea. I’m told the girls will be fighting me for the bathroom at 07:00 but that’s not a problem as I want to be driving down the road by that time…


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