Electric bike and backup

I was awake before 05:00 but lounged around in bed until nearly 05:40! We went on our run, Winston, Καλή and I. Winston didn’t chase the rabbits but Καλή did her best. She was quite tired by the time we arrived at the gate by the windmill. She was straight on the sofa when we arrived back at the house.

I discovered a message from Simon asking if I’d go over to Kingston to help him assemble an E-Bike he’d bought for Jean. It was delivered in a large box and quite quick to put together. He sloped off to take Jean to the garage and the bike was complete when he returned. I came back to Glebe Close to drop the car before walking into LBS in Lewes.

The technician called back from Sirus to go through the modem connecting so now the new Internet is working in Simon’s office. I passed a good amount of the day setting up the new system and messing with network storage. Leaving LBS, I visited Greyfriars to pick up Καλή. I was able to put clips on the pipe to mother’s water filter so that the pegs could be removed. From Greyfriars Καλή and I walked back to Glebe Close via the railway land, along parallel to the bypass and then the Stanley Turner Grounds. There were plenty of rabbits for her to chase however they were cunning enough to run in different directions making pursuit more complicated. Despite a great deal of running on Καλή’s part, no rabbits were harmed in the recounting of this tale.

I cooked myself some food as it was now 20:00, watched a few episodes of ‘To The Manor Born’ until Eleanor returned home from work. I was in bed a little late so my blog was incomplete as I fell asleep.

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