The Roundhill

I’ve just returned from a delicious vegan meal at the Roundhill pub which is on Ditchling Road Brighton. It is run by Simon’s daughter Rosie and her partner. It is nominally a vegetarian restaurant with vegan options however it seems to be the other way around. I had a very yummy chocolate brownie with ice cream. Who says that you cannot eat wonderful food which is both vegan and gluten-free.

The day started early with the dawn around 04:50. I was looking out the window as the sun was slowly lighting the sky. A little while later, I got up and went to the bathroom and then got dressed. I needed to be out of the bathroom girls the girls who monopolise it from 07:00 onwards. Rodney and Andrea have their own ensuite and there is another bathroom for the girls and guests. There will eventually be one further bathroom on the ground floor so that Rodney can strip off and shower when he returns from work.

I joined Rodney for tea at 05:30 and left the house at 06:30. I was passing the entrance of Tyndalls at 06:45. I could see Fiona’s car on the drive but guessed that she and the boys wouldn’t be pleased at receiving an early morning visit. Woody had already left for work.

I was back at Glebe Close just after 08:00 so got changed to run. Καλη had already left so it was just Winston and I out running today. I showered and had breakfast then left for LBS. I spent quite a lot of time there today. The contractors have still not got the Internet access working and Simon is justifiably getting fed up with the entire project.

I walked round to Greyfriars via Screwfix where I picked up my shorts. I had some of Andrea’s chicken eggs to distribute.

I drove out to Kingston to pick up Simon and we went into Brighton to the Roundhill. Jean arrived later with Rosie and their grandson. We had a most enjoyable meal and I dropped Simon at home around 22:00.


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