The Scottish Play

It was very chilly as Καλή and I jogged over the top of Juggs Road towards the windmill. She was likely indifferent to the cold as she raced after the bunnies scattering as she approached. I was pleased when she broke off her pursuit to meet me at the gate where she sat down nicely as I fumbled through my socked fingers to clip her lead. There were no other dogs taking their humans for a run: the temptation of a Bank Holiday lie-in and the 4℃ temperature may have contributed to Holiday Lethargy.

Καλή adjourned immediately to the sofa on our return while I went to complete my unfinished blog from the previous day. A shower and breakfast followed then some clearing of the garage. Eleanor and I broke up a couple of chests of drawers to more easily fit in the car as well as some of the many accumulated bicycles. We dropped at the dump then went to Greyfriars to collect mothers unwanted chair left waiting in the lobby since the arrival of the new one. This was delivered to the dump on the return leg and set aside for possible reclamation.

Back at Glebe Close I went into standby for a while then cooked something for lunch. We were going to see The Scottish Play in the chilly St Peter’s Church, Preston Park where Simon and his fellow actors were performing as part of the Brighton Fringe. There were also a couple of viewings of the house later in the afternoon so the house needed to be left shipshape and without occupants. We ate, cleared up, then took Καλή for a long walk whilst the viewing took place. There were threats of showers which manifested themselves as we cowered together in the ruins of the monks’ bathroom at Lewes Priory. The rain stopped, the sky cleared and the sun shone once more. We continued our walk parallel to the bypass, through Stanley Turner and back to Glebe Close.

I popped into Waitrose to pick up some hummus and super healthy pitta while Eleanor picked up at Greyfriars. We’d calculated the next squally shower would coincide with my walk from Waitrose to Greyfriars confirmed as I watched the rain on the windows as I stood in the checkout queue. The car was waiting at the end of Court Road and we set off for Brighton. There were no holdups so we arrived with plenty of time to spare and were still amongst the first to arrive. Steve and Mildred were waiting in their battered car which had received a loose trailer wheel in the off-side front of the vehicle. The wheel had broken loose from the trailer and collided with their car. Their journey from Leyland had started at 08:00 and they’d just arrived in Brighton almost eleven hours later.

The play was the usual high standard and attended by around sixty. We chatted briefly to Simon and his crew afterwards: they were quite warm but we were quite cold so keen to get underway and back to our respective homes. We made our way back to Greyfriars and thence to Glebe Close where we had some food before retiring for the night. It was too late for writing my blog so I fell asleep watching a YouTube video which is why I’m writing on Sunday morning.


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