Lazy Bones

Bank Holiday Monday but there were people about bright and early. Καλή, however, was not one. Despite my enticements and those of Eleanor, she was not up for a run preferring to cling to her bed. Only when I’d closed the front door and was on my way down the drive did she spring into life. Too late!

There were various dog walkers but no other morning joggers as I completed my 6.42km (4 mile (3.989 to be precise)). Luckily it was warmer than the preceding day so I took off my ‘gloves’ after the climb up Juggs Road.

Back at Glebe Close, I accelerated for the last few metres and could see Eleanor and Καλή crossing the road on the way back from their walk. Eleanor had only a couple of calls so would be back much earlier than usual so Καλή could stay with me. After a shower and some breakfast, I wrote the preceding day’s blog and then walked into town. There was quite a bit of May Day activity around the castle gate with onlookers packing the pavements. Others, with their dogs, were walking towards the castle or standing waiting for the procession which was forming up.

I continued on to Greyfriars where I was expected as the flat door was open. We had a good chat until lunchtime whereupon I popped into Waitrose to purchase some sustenance. A text from Chris confirmed that she and Terry had returned from Hull so I left to pick up the car before setting off for Shepperton Marina.

The only slow part of the journey was the roadworks on the section of the A23 between between Crawley and the M25 junction. From there, it was plain sailing to Walton and then Shepperton.

Bears Afloat was not at the same mooring as the last time I saw her however she hadn’t moved far and was easy to spot from the pontoon entrance or even the car park. Chris was just emerging from the aft door on an important mission as I approached. We exchange greetings and I clambered inside where it was much warmer than outside.

We had an enjoyable evening with an equally enjoyable meal and I left around 22:45 to drive back to Lewes. The roads were fairly deserted so my journey was relatively unhindered, roadworks excepted, so I was back at Glebe Close just after midnight. Καλή had detected my arrival and proceeded to alert everyone to my presence. She stopped barking as I unlocked the kitchen door and went inside.

The temperature alert on the car had indicated 4℃ as I approached Brighton so I guessed it would not be too warm in Lewes. I went quickly to bed where it was not long before sleep overtook me.


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