Early up

The late Evening Walk followed by late meal and a little box-oggling meant I was not in my pit until nearly midnight (22:00 BST). With my normal wakeup at 05:30 (03:30) it may take a couple of days to get my head straight. Ursula and Ms Fluffy were already at the end of the Promontory when we arrived. We had crossed the field where currently, the Evil Grass grows. It has nasty seeds which mostly affect the fluffier dogs although Obi, other than this evening, seemed unaffected. These seeds are none too pleasant when jammed in your socks requiring pulling out at the earliest opportunity.

We were back to our old routine however I fear that may have to be modified as there are more distractions to lure the dogs from the Promontory onto the main beach. In any event, Sascha will soon arrive and may wish to walk Zora early as well. We have either to integrate them or keep them separate to be sure of a peaceful coexistence.

Once back at the camping, Ursula performed her Pilates and I went for a run to see the nice lady in the bakery. I got a rather cooler shower than I would have wished for then came back to get on with a few emails. I wasn’t particularly hungry at that point due to the time difference. I had some emails to answer and needed to call Matthew about his hut advert. There was also a small support call from Anthea which only took a few minutes.

The day seemed to gallop by and I only drifted off into standby for an extremely short while to be dragged back to reality by Oskar. I played with some of the toys delivered during my absence. The prong collar to replace the lost-but-now-found Oskar collar, the new light to go over the entrance gate and a cunning IoT switch, timer and electricity meter which works remotely. The collar was not terribly interesting, the light looks as though it will work well and last a while and the IoT device kept me amused for ages. It enables you to see how much electricity is being used remotely via a Smartphone. It is also possible to carry out a load of other functions. At £10 a piece, they are much cheaper than the €50 plus an hour or so of my time to make electricity meters. These things can be put into the electrical boxes so, if work as expected, should be brilliant for measuring visitor electricity use. I don’t have to wander around with meter boxes or squint at the displays.

Ursula made bananary flapjack so I wandered along for a cup of tea and a chat. Georgia was just off back to Chania after a busy day supervising in the camping and Maria was doing things with rubbish. After tea, Ursula left with Heidi for a walk and I followed on a while later. Other than a man, boy and two dogs, the Promontory was deserted. We encountered the group as we entered and they were fortunately just leaving enabling me to let mine off.

There is gentle snoring from within the van and my supper is ready.


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