A breakthrough?

Ursula has just left me with two portions of her lovely bean and potato meal. To call it a ‘stew’ would be an injustice. Tony departed earlier as he said he was being eaten alive by the mosquitoes. I was burning a joss stick to ward off the little devils but the majority of the smoke was drifting away from him. They don’t seem to like incense sticks. Thanks Ursula for another lovely meal!

I was awake a little early this morning as Fido was expressing a desire to go outside. Experience has taught me not to ignore Fido’s request to exit! Like small children on a coach trip, I then let Obi in and Charlie out once Fido was back. Fortunately, the others didn’t express an interest. At this point I was awake so went to the loo myself. I did eventually manage to get back to sleep despite the mosquito flying around above my head. There were six mosquitoes in my trap this morning.

A german motorhome was parked at the end of Alonaki beach: their dog appeared to be loose outside. He barked on our approach however my lot were relatively controlled and walked by with little disruption. Ursula was out at the end of the Promontory before us and was beginning to wonder if we were actually coming. I modified the morning walk route to take in my old running circuit. This is about 480m so I have to go round six times instead of the usual three. Ursula and Heidi did their own thing.

There followed the usual Pilates, running and bakery visit then some breakfast. I had a relaxing morning but a more active afternoon. Maria called me so I went out into the camping. She was showing an English couple around but got called away so I finished off the job. I’d wanted to have some time with Maria as I’d not seen her before going away. We discussed a number of things including the thorny matter of access to the accommodation bookings.

My experience last year was not very positive when attempting to get information regarding the availability of accommodation. I’d put together a Google calendar which shows each accommodation and its booking status. Maria confessed that she’d not updated the information but that she would not be averse to using the system so long as I showed her how it works.

You could have knocked me down with a feather – progress indeed!

There is more accommodation this year with the addition of another four four-person wooden cabins. Maria may have come to the conclusion that the paper method might not be the best answer to keep track of the bookings.

It was after 17:00 by the time I was sitting with Tony and Ursula for tea and cake. The afternoon was gobbled up. The dogs were quite well behaved considering the amount of time I was absent. After tea, Ursula took Heidi for a quick beach walk and I took Luis, Charlie and Obi to the Promontory leaving Fido and Oskar in the van. The latter were too disorganised to get ready for the walk so were left behind. ‘Pour encourager les autres’ as the French might say.

I fed the dogs then went to collect the saucepan containing the supper from Ursula. She and Tony brought up the other items and we dined in the awning area. It was warmer today but it’s still too chilly to be sitting outside at night. The tent and canopy make some difference.

It’s gone 22:30 and my bed is calling…


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