I was the harbinger of bad tiding for Georgia. For a couple of days, I’ve noticed the sound of running water near to the new wooden cabins. At first, I thought the sound was coming from the new WC/Shower rooms but there is no live water there. Then I thought it might be just the water flowing by in the pipe which supplies Cedar Bay Villas. On my way back from tea and cake with Ursula and Tony, I discovered the true cause of the noise. There are two water pipes which carry drinking and irrigation water the length of the camping. Georgia reminded me of them when I had Antonis digging for my decking and the various other erections. She was very possessive of these pipes saying that there would be immeasurable doom and gloom if they were damaged. We were very careful not to damage them.

Georgia and I inspected the location where the sound was coming from and she tried to persuade me it was from elsewhere. The fact there was water coming to the surface was a giveaway. When I dug down with my hand, I quickly found the pipe and could see that a metal spike had accidentally been driven through it. Georgia then went into a suicide spiral telling me that we would need a special machine from Chania to weld the pipe together. I then remembered that a similar pipe had sprung a leak above ground and that the plumber had been called to repair it. He used an external plastic clamp, larger than the pipe, to seal the leak. I suggested it was merely a matter of exposing the pipe, cutting off the water, removing the metal spike then clamping this plastic jobby around the leaking pipe and tightening it up to stop the leak. No need for self-harm and it could all be done and dusted, before the new cabins arrive on Tuesday, without removing the frame for the new hut, just a matter of lifting a concrete block to make the hole. Job Done!

Other excitements for the day included tea and cake with Tony and Ursula. Horrible cake which is why I had two servings. Naturally, I only did this for Ursula’s sake to prove how delicious was the cake.

I have updated the two Google websites for the camping and also the bar and restaurant, had a little snooze in the sun as well as reply to some emails and call home.

The temperature under the canopy reached nearly 30℃ which I felt was most comfortable. I also mentioned to Maria that the toilets were blocked and Mikhalis has since fixed them. A good idea considering there is a consignment of French Motorhomes here for three nights. Tomorrow there is music and traditional dancing in the bar from a local group. Maria and I suggested that Georgia and Ursula could do a demonstration as they both have gammy legs. We could make a video then upload it to the camping website to attract customers. In her moments of grief, having discovered the news of the pierced pipe, Georgia was unable to resist laughing at this levity. I had previously suggested we could advertise the new cabins as having a swimming pool and not bother fixing the leak.

There is a new record of twenty-six motorhomes in the camping. My supper is ready to eat and it’s already 21:30


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