Back on duty

Maria needed to go to Chania for some staff administration. It appears the Internet is used only for entertainment and that abstract and inconsequential activities such as administration still require a paper chase and inordinate numbers of government employees to oversee the bureaucracy. She asked which day it would suit me to look after reception and finally left yesterday evening so that she would be there early morning. She phoned me around 21:00 to ask if it would be ok for me to look after the reception just a little bit longer and she’d be back Thursday morning.

The weather has been poor since morning. Cloudy or overcast, rainy and cool. Olivia was lookout at reception so as to call me if I was required. The plan was to ring my phone a couple of times then hang up. It wasn’t long before the first call. Katerina, a young Belgian whom I’d exchanged emails with, wished to leave due to the weather. I took her 20€, She was swiftly followed by a French couple, leaving for similar reasons. A frenchman called Christophe, himself in the tourist industry came to pay as he leaves tomorrow. This took us to lunchtime.

Georgia came to ask if I’d do some PR around the camping as the plumbers were fitting a new water tank and heater on the main bathrooms whilst moving the existing to the storeroom roof to supply the new bathrooms for the new cabins. It would appear that no one had warned the customers, or myself for that matter, that there would be no hot water for showers. I got a shower at 08:00 but the workmen started at 09:00. I wandered around telling people. A Swiss couple who remembered me with thirteen dogs back in 2016 and an Austrian couple with a small boy who had read about me on the Internet. Apparently, they had asked at the camping restaurant if I was around. We had a chat about the meaning of life, the universe and everything and then I showed him where he could dispose of his grey water.

The water tank was replaced and the electric heater turned on, however, the water didn’t appear to be heating. The plumbers were recalled and fixed the problem. I notified the customers once again.

It was now tea time so I went to Ursula and Tony for tea and cake. I’d only just sat down when a German couple arrived in a motorhome. I’d just dealt with them and a French couple arrived in a motorhome. The chap said the camping had good reviews and there was this nice Englishman there. I finally got back to my lukewarm tea and last mouthful of cake when it was time to walk the dogs. Fortunately, Ursula had offered to cook tonight so she and Tony came up to me to eat.

They had just left when Janne and Erica arrived from the airport to begin their holiday.

Other than being busy for me, construction has continued on the new cabins and Xanthippos tiles in his sleep. Ursula worked hard on the supper for a lot of this morning. A most excellent curry – thank you, Ursula, a very enjoyable meal!

The dogs have been allowed back in the van and awning area and have behaved nicely for most of the day. The Dog House Days are drawing to a close.


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