Duty continues…

Maria finally came back to the camping around 11:30 so I was able to hand everything back to her. She told me she was awake at 04:00 so wondered if I might cover a break mid-afternoon. As it turned out, she managed ok.

I turned on the water heater quite early then took the dogs for their walk. The plan was to take them to the end of the Promontory then allow them off the lead. After only a few moments the four of them disappeared so Obi and I set off to see where they’d gone. Oskar was my first encounter then Charlie. Fido had found a bone cast off during the Easter celebrations and Luis was scrounging around the bar area at the camping. I’d already reacquired Oskar and Charlie so went towards the camping/beach entrance to get Luis and Fido. We then walked back to the end of the Promontory where Heidi was entertaining Ursula with her antics in the rocks of the lagoon. Oskar and Charlie had been set free at the beginning of the Promontory so I handed all three Brown Dogs over to Ursula while I went off to climb the rocks. Heidi had shown an interest in climbing up but I was unable to persuade her to follow me.

It was well past 07:15 by the time we made it back to the camping, I had yet to run and needed to be back in case there were any unforeseen departures. Ursula did Pilates, I ran, wandered round the camping to check for anyone making departure motions, then went for a shower. The new water heater was working as expected and I enjoyed a great shower. Maria was still not back so I toured the camping a couple of times doing odd jobs. I didn’t want to get into breakfast and be interrupted. I bumped into Skinny White Dog who was wandering round the camping visiting some of the customers. Most were pleased to see him however it’s not really the thing to have dogs wandering around on their own. Xanthippos and Mikhalis reminded me that I’d agreed to take SWD if he began to become a nuisance to the customers. That time had arrived so I went off in search of a collar and a lead. He was no problem so soon we were both visiting the customers together. I spent a little while with Ursula as Heidi gets on quite well with SWD. I then heard that Maria would return at 11:30 so could plan ahead. I asked Janne to help me to move Château Boris from the other run to Boris’ former accommodation so that SWD would have somewhere to go and to sleep.

Initially, he didn’t go into his house but now seems to have got the hang of the concept of a house with a bed and food deliveries. Later in the day I carried out some socialisation walks with Fido, Luis then Oskar. The aim was to walk them with SWD so that they would walk together nicely. Fido was no problem, Luis worked himself up into a frenzy so had to be brought down and Oskar finds anything new stressful. Ursula kept an eye on the others whilst I was out. By the end of three walks, both Skinny and I had had enough so I decided to postpone Charlie’s socialisation walk until the next day. Obi is fine with him anyway: on a one-to-one basis at least.

The plan is to very gradually socialise SWD with the others over an extended period of time to avoid the problems encountered with the hurried attempt at integrating Odd Job last autumn.

We then had tea and Ursula took Heidi, Charlie and Obi out onto the Promontory for an Evening Walk. I then decided to take the other three to see Maria in the office as well as the Austrian couple with the little girl.

A guy called Chris appeared at my gate wanting to use the washing machine. He has a large, modern Hymer which he had parked in the Grammeno Beach car park last year. He had a meal in the restaurant and wanted some washing done. It is now in the machine on the timer to be finished early tomorrow morning.

All dogs are now fed. Most are inside except Obi who is with me under the canopy and SWD who is luxuriating in Château Boris with his food bowl at his side. Janne and Erica are doing a little Moonlight Gardening whilst there is no one around to see what they’re up to. The new cabins are progressing well, however, the question is, where are all the people going to go when they’re not inside…?

My supper, the remains of Ursula’s wonderful curry from yesterday, is now ready for my consumption. Thank you Ursula!


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