Houdini Dog

The last time I took Skinny in, I put him in the SDC to find him gone in the morning. He simply jumped on top of one of the houses and over the fence. Easy enough for most determined dogs to accomplish if they actually want to get out. For the first couple of weeks Princess AKA Καλή was in my care, she focussed her attentions on escaping. Digging here, climbing there and so on. Then it may have dawned on her that a warm, dry bed and regular food might not be that bad after all.

This time, Skinny was put in the former Boris compound with a 2m wooden fence on one side and a 1.3m chainlink fence all around. The fence is too high to jump and too difficult. Climbing onto the fence beneath the wooden fence is easier and the way he escaped last night. I couldn’t believe it when Georgos said he’d seen Skinny on the beach at 06:00. I confirmed his absence by looking unbelievably into Skinny’s house. Maria reported that he was sitting quietly in the sand in the middle of the camping. He jumped up when he saw me approach and allowed me to lead him back to the compound.

Luis accompanied Skinny on the first socialisation walk of the day. Luis and Fido are forced to join Obi walking round with me in the morning. Luis is not able to walk at his own pace so drags his arse a little bit as a consequence. In case the reader might feel I’m pushing him too hard, I might point out that Luis is right at the front of the queue when we’re on the homeward stretch going up the road from the beach. All the dogs are straining at the leash at that point. We had to turn round this morning as there was a number of sheep at the top of the road and I feared the arrival of the dogs would force the sheep into the road and divide them up. We performed a quick about-turn and went back through the field. Not the ideal route as the seeds are a menace but the most convenient.

The Luis socialisation walk was quite long but also short. There was a lot of talking and little walking. Good for Luis as it turned out. I chatted to the English guy who was drinking coffee in the bar. I was glad of a sit down having walked, run and cycled. It was the turn of Chris, whose motorhome is parked in the Grammeno Beach car park. I’d put his washing by my gate. He’d collected it whilst I was out so I needed to pick up the money. He had a friend with him so we all chatted for a considerable time. The planned walk degenerated into a round the block walk however Luis was glad to be back nevertheless. Skinny went into his house and fell asleep.

The remainder of the day was undemanding and warm. A welcome change after the dull and slightly showery morning. I was preparing food when my watch rang. A German couple were at reception and it transpired Maria was at the restaurant getting something to eat. I sorted them out and Maria returned just as they left to set up their tent. She told me she’d been chatting late into the night and could benefit from a little sleep if I’d cover reception. I put the food on to cook and Luis and I sat in reception for forty-five minutes. By then, it was time for tea and cake so we joined Tony and Ursula at theirs.

Ursula agreed to take Obi, Fido and Oskar with Heidi allowing me to take Skinny, Charlie and Luis on a shortish walk along Alonáki Beach. Charlie was the only dog who’d not been on a socialisation walk so far. The walk went as hoped and we were soon in the camping where I fed them. Ursula and Tony came to partake of one of my creations and we parted at around 22:00. The creation didn’t turn out quite as intended due to interruptions during the preparation process.


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