All out for a walk

Broken sleep pervaded the night. I got up once having been woken by restless dogs. Skinny may have knocked over the pallets I left leaning against the storeroom wall. That may have caused the dogs to bark. I’d prepared most of my washing the previous night and Ursula’s was in the machine timed to finish by 05:00. I was awake at 04:30 so decided to get up at 04:45 so that I could keep ahead of the game. I stripped my bed, gathered up all the other washing and headed to the machine. Ursula’s wash had finished so I put mine it. It was a full load.

We were walking on the Promontory by 05:30 and managed to complete a couple of short rounds before Ursula arrived. The sun wasn’t far away so there were few stars to view. I could see Saturn and of course the moon. My astronomy app has recently been updated and all my settings seem to have changed. I need to invest more time to get the hang of the improved app.

Ursula did her Pilates and I did my pastry run followed by a shower then a walk for Skinny accompanied by Charlie and Oskar. The walk went well and Charlie and Skinny came back on the same side together without difficulties. I stopped by Ursula and Tony for a cup of tea. The four dogs interacted nicely but it was interesting to see how much better socialise Heidi is than Oskar. She played nicely with Skinny whereas Oskar just got stressed.

My weekly phone call was followed by a little snooze before meeting up with Tony, Ursula and Steffi for a meal at Anydri. It was much warmer than the last visit on 19 April when I sat wearing a shirt and fleece and was still cold when the sun moved round. I needed a thin fleece over my T-shirt but it was not cold. We enjoyed a wonderful meal and possibly ate too much. I’d missed out on breakfast so was quite hungry anyway.

Back at the camping, the dogs were quiet on our arrival and waited a while while I made my bed and folded up my laundry. Ursula took Fido, Oskar and Obi with Heidi which left me with Charlie, Luis and Skinny. We met at the end of the Promontory to admire the lovely evening whilst watching a distant pedal-eau. Ursula was concerned they might get carried away by the current…

We returned separately, Ursula went back to Tony leaving me to feed the dogs. All was quiet until Luis got excited over the kittens in the adjacent field. Luis gets so worked up. Skinny has had a dose of worming tablets in an attempt to make him less skinny and I’ve fed the cat for the umpteenth time today. She’s feeding her kittens so it’s hardly surprising she’s hungry. There’s nothing of her anyway. i wonder what will happen once the kittens are weaned?

The mosquitoes are biting my legs, Luis is locked in a house in the run for getting excited. Obi and Oskar are inside, Fido under my chair and Charlie is holed up somewhere. I need to see if Skinny has eaten his food and then I think I can call it another day.


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