Lazy day

I was awake quite early, about 04:30 to be precise. I amused myself with my astronomy application and getting the settings back to how I like them. I also tried out some of the new features. I didn’t see the point in dragging out lying in bed for too long so got up and turned on the heater for the showers. It must be said that the new water heaters, installed a couple of days ago, provide a superior bathroom experience. Previously, unless the shower flow was very high, the water would go cold. Having the shower turned to full naturally exhausted the water more quickly, leaving less for the next person.

I could see the sunlight filtering over the horizon as the sky was very clear. Skinny was waiting at the gate of his run so I decided to cast caution to the winds and take him out with all the others. That requires putting five dogs in my right hand and Skinny in the left. I do not yet feel I can trust the other dogs not to start something which could quickly escalate into a major event. Things have progressed reasonably smoothly so far and that’s the way I’d like it to continue. The departure was smooth even though the cat was only a very short distance from the gate. Going to turn on the water heater means I can feed the cat before the dogs are in the main compound. The likes of Luis immediately go to the gate to try to spot the cat. If she has already been given her food, she is too busy eating it to hang around. Searching for the cat took their minds off Skinny which was also a good thing.

We made it to the Promontory without incident whereupon I released Charlie then Oskar a short while later. Heidi had been released by Ursula and came to greet us as we approached. She has already demonstrated her liking for Skinny so does not constitute a direct threat to his wellbeing. The problem is that, no matter how well disposed an individual may be towards Skinny, one false move can trigger a chain reaction where all alliances are immediately forgotten. I walked around with Skinny on a lead and Oskar and Charlie following on their own. Ursula had the Brown Dogs and Heidi. Things went fairly well although Oskar becomes a little more aggressive towards Skinny when there is an audience to play to.

We were about to return to the camping with all of the dogs on the lead except Heidi when Sascha arrived with Zora. Heidi, uncharacteristically, started a barkathon aided by Charlie and Oskar who with me. I managed to silence my two and Heidi eventually stopped. Apparently, Sascha was not expecting to find us still out on the Promontory at that time. I decided to follow him back towards the camping sheering off to go along the road. Sascha and Zora went on the beach with Steffi which caused a certain amount of difficulty for Ursula when she caught up, as Zora was free.

We did the usual Pilates and run followed by a shower for me but no extra walk for Skinny. The morning drifted away and turned into afternoon. That, in turn, became the evening when it was time for tea and cake, freshly prepared by Ursula. Today, we were to be joined by Erica. We had lively conversation supping tea and munching cake. Some more than most…

The Evening Walk followed the same procedure as the day before, except this time, Ursula was on a deadline as she and Tony were going to eat at the camping restaurant. At this time of the year, too late and you’re too late! The walk went otherwise without incident.

I’ve fed the dogs and they are lurking in various locations. I’m reheating the meal from Friday night with some additional tomato. I have a feeling I may have filled the pan excessively and will have a little cleaning to do. I need to try to catch up with Sascha to develop a plan for the morning. Better to be a little organised to avoid unnecessary doggy conflict.


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