Hottest day of the year

With a top temperature of only 0.2℃ short of 30℃, today was the hottest day of the year albeit not the sunniest. It was cloudy this morning when we set off to walk the dogs. The plan came together and Sascha was sitting with Zora on the low wall just up from his caravan. Only Luis made a little fuss as we approached. I passed Skinny over to Sascha and we set off in an almost orderly fashion towards Alonáki Beach road and the Promontory. Ursula must have been out there all night as she was waiting as we arrived. Heidi was pleased to see us but not Zora and a little disturbance ensued. Sascha and I set off on a brief circuit to calm things down but the situation had improved little when we came back. I asked Ursula if I could swap Heidi and set off with Sascha, Zora and Skinny whilst Ursula entertained the others.

Heidi made good progress and it was not long before she complied and walked along as she should. After a little while, I swapped Heidi for Skinny forcing her to walk with Zora and Sascha. After some initial reluctance, they were walking fairly well and ended up with Heidi and Zora, only a short distance away from each other, leading Sascha. At this point, we all set off back towards the camping swapping over dogs as we reached the car park. Ursula went via the beach and we went the road route through the main entrance.

Sascha returned to Steffi with Zora and I took the dogs back for a long drink. I ran and Ursula Pilated. Then I went off for a shower before pumping up the punctured tyre on Ursula’s car. The plan was to take the car to Manolis to get the tyre repaired however the battery was flat when we tried to start the engine. I left the battery charging and went off to meet the German couple with Skinny. We had a photoshoot on the beach and they took my details for the Cretan Hound club.

I got some breakfast then prepared to go out for a walk with Sascha and Steffi. Janne and Erica went to Chania to change their car which made it a good day to go out leaving the dogs in Ursula’s care. I took Skinny as he was in need of a good run and we got in the car to head towards Gialiskari and the gorge. We’d not gone far when we crossed paths with Martin who’d texted Sascha to say he’d come over but the message had not been seen. Consequently, we abandoned the walk, returned to the camping and I went for a cup of tea with Tony and Ursula.

I had a support call from Louise about an email setup and then got on with updating my weather website. I managed to get the SQL database working correctly and update to the latest version. Weather Underground is no longer supplying data to external websites so the database was required.

Tea with Ursula and Tony followed by a walk together on the Promontory. This time, only Skinny and Heidi were free then Luis as he was so slow. Skinny enjoyed his freedom following from a distance. He didn’t quite manage to come back at the end but then he doesn’t know the drill like the others. I ended up going back for him when I’d returned the others to the camping. I saw him in the distance heading from the bar back to the Promontory. He appeared to be moving purposefully following a scent. I followed and waited a few moments on the promontory whereupon he appeared racing back from the end. He came over to me, I clipped him on his lead and we returned to the camping.

He needed a good drink, as did all the others, has eaten and retired to bed.

It’s nearly 22:00 so I need to eat before it’s time to get up to do it all over again.


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