Anydri Gorge II the revenge

Sascha was not waiting for us nor did we see him on the beach. I chatted to him briefly when I returned with the dogs. I’d passed by the Swiss couple and could see they were still there as I needed to give them some dog adoption details. Sascha said we’d have another go at Anydri Gorge however I explained I needed to go to Manolis with Ursula for the car tyre.

I ran and Ursula did her Pilates. I showered a then had my feet looked at by Gabby, the Swiss lady. We’d had an interesting conversation a couple of days previously about nutrition and she explained she was a foot doctor. She mentioned a couple of observations she’d obtained from my feet which were quite interesting as well as correct. They were leaving and I needed to pump up Ursula’s tyre and go to Anydri so we parted having exchanged details.

The car started, the tyre was pumped up and we drove to Manolis’ garage. They removed the wheel and put on the spare because the tyre was damaged beyond repair. We drove back to Grammeno and I had breakfast before taking Skinny up to Sascha and Steffi. Skinny really needed a good run and, whichever of the others was taken, it would offend someone so he was the easiest choice. He travelled in the rear of the car with Zora although she was unimpressed with the concept of sharing. He snuffled in my ears as we travelled.

Arriving at Gialiskari Beach, Skinny jumped out of the car and disappeared. I didn’t bother looking for him very long as I guessed he’d come back when he was tired. I reckoned that, if he couldn’t find me, he was a bit of a failure as a hunting dog.

We progressed up the gorge and Skinny reappeared. We encountered a group where someone had slipped and fallen. Steffi is a nurse so checked him out. It became clear that he was in shock and that he wouldn’t make it out of the gorge on his own. I went up the gorge to a location where I could use the phone and called Antonis who is a part-time fireman. He knew who to contact and passed on my location. I returned to the group to explain that help was on the way then went back to the top of the gorge to wait for the fire fighters to arrive. I received a call from the controller and gave him my updated location. An ambulance and a fire truck arrived so we set off down the gorge with Skinny and I leading the way.

The casualty was assessed and placed onto a stretcher then transported back up the gorge to the waiting ambulance. Sascha and I gave the firefighters a little help carrying the stretcher as the terrain was very difficult and it was also hot. We finally made it to the ambulance and the guy’s wife accompanied him to the hospital in Chania. Kandanos does not have a full-time radiologist. We then adjourned to the Old School House restaurant where we found the firefighters having a cool drink. The ambulance had departed for the hospital.

After a drink, Sascha went back to Gialiskari for the car and we returned to the camping. I went to see Ursula and Tony and had a cup of tea and some cake. I then went back for a little sit-down and to remind everyone not to forget to vote.

The evening walk was uneventful and I think I’ve walked enough today. A total of nearly 21km.

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