Active start, restful day

Sascha was waiting on the low wall with Zora as we walked up from the compound. Charlie and Luis were with Skinny on my left and there was no complaining as we met up. Ursula was down at the end of the Promontory and had Heidi at her feet. Sascha and I walked some dogs around the longer circuit a couple of times while Luis accompanied Ursula and Heidi. There was less fuss from Heidi today indeed it was Zora who made more fuss.

Ursula had started her Pilates as I came back into the compound. She had put Luis inside and he was joined by the others. I went off and ran returning with a slab of spinach pie for Tony. I had a quick shower before cycling, with the wind on my back, to Paleochora. Yannis was on the till and we chatted briefly about an alternative track to Anydri. I purchased food for the evening as well as some fruit.

The return trip was a little harder in the face of the wind. Sascha and Steffi were about to take Zora to a visit to Anydri to walk over to Azogires. Sascha told me that I’d been invited to join the couple from the previous day for supper at Houmas. I’d invited Tony and Ursula so I declined.

There was breakfast and a little website building and then it was nearly tea time. The dogs had been fairly well behaved today but I put them inside anyway. Ursula’s chocolate cake, despite her negativity was nice. The evening walk came next then supper. Tony was tired so it was just Ursula and I .


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