Happy Families?

Sea Bridle has been at anchor off Kountoura for a couple of days all lit up like a Christmas Tree at night time. She is a cargo vessel of 26,500 tonnes. She is empty as she’s sitting very high in the water even though the Mediterranean is very salty.

Sea Bridle

Sascha was not around as we walked past their caravan this morning, probably due to the two previous days exercise. My six went on to meet up with Ursula and Heidi already ensconced at the end of the Promontory. We did our usual morning stuff with Heidi, Oskar and Charlie off lead and Obi, Fido and Skinny with me. Luis entertained Ursula. We were back at the camping by around 07:15 so I went for my run leaving Ursula with her Pilates. I was back by 08:10 bearing a chocolate croissant for Tony. Ursula went off to make a cup of tea and I went for a shower.

I needed to clear up up from the previous evening as I’d been lazy preferring to take to my bed and try to unsuccessfully complete my blog. I put on my porridge then went to wash out my running gear which was in need of some urgent attention. Xanthippos and Mikhalis were about to start work replacing the floor of one of the sets of toilet cubicles which have been out of commission so far for around twenty-four hours. I hung up my clothes to dry then finished off my breakfast. It wasn’t long before my weekly phone call home.

We chatted as usual and then I appear to have drifted off following a route march to the loo as only those in the main bathroom are available. The afternoon has been warm and sunny with a high of 25.2℃ accompanied by a coolish northwesterly breeze. I spent some while messing around on the Internet doing some marketing research comparing the various websites of the Cretan campings.

It was then teatime so I went down to Ursula and Tony for tea and cake and a chat. They had been to Azogires and seen Lucky whilst eating a snack in his café. Lucky is about to become a father with his English partner who is about to produce this child in UK. Very handy as the baby will be entitled to a UK and Greek passport. Good thinking and Brexit-proof!

After tea, Ursula and I independently took the dogs for a walk meeting up at the end of the Promontory where we admired the scenery as the dogs loafed in the sand. Only Skinny was marginally active attempting to unsuccessfully coerce Heidi and Charlie into playing with him. We returned to the camping where I reheated last nights rice mixture with the addition of some of Ursula’s excellent tomato sauce from the other night. During our return, we passed by the office where Maria was welded to the phone in the middle of an important conversation. Apparently, there are more elections next weekend so she asked if I might cover for her to enable her to attend. She then confessed that it might be a ‘long weekend’ from Friday through to Monday. Assuming the camping is not busy, I can probably manage that.

The dogs have been fed with all of them eating together for the first time. I fed Skinny in the entrance to the canopy area and can see that he rejected the small amount of rice left over from last night. Oskar was happy to oblige once Skinny had abandoned his bowl. Skinny is currently sitting completely blocking the doorway, Fido is growling because of some distant gunfire and I’m about to bat him on the nose if he doesn’t shut up.

I think my reheat is reheated so I’d better go and eat it.


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