EU elections in Greece

The night was chillier than recently so I should perhaps have deployed my lighter fleece as well as the larger one as I kept waking up. Sascha was nowhere to be seen so we made our way to the Promontory. The usual walking about with dogs which included a little experiment with Fido to see if he’d return to the camping in search of treasure. I spotted him emerging from the bar entrance at great speed but at least he had the goodness to return before the end of the walk and to pretend he’d been present all the time.

We returned to the camping just after 07:00, I ran and Ursula did Pilates. It was a pleasant morning once the sun had risen so I wasn’t unhappy about being out in just running shirt and shorts. Singapore has fallen and Churchill has just returned by flying boat from a visit to the USA to see President Roosevelt.

A shower and then some breakfast followed, then some interesting YouTube videos which gobbled up a chunk of the morning. I devoted much of the afternoon to enhancing the Grammeno Google website which you can peruse here should you wish. I’ve added some more potential activities, more detail and links to external websites.

Xanthippos and Georgos were working hard on the loo cubicles as they’ve been reinforcing the floors. I see that both sets of cubicles are now back on the ground rather than leaning against the workshop wall rather like a Friday-night reveller. Hopefully they will soon be operational as I’m wearing myself out walking across to the main bathrooms.

The afternoon disappeared and teatime beckoned. Ursula had been busy with bananas making flapjack. Tony had already carried out some quality-control so one assumes he gave it the thumbs-up. Tony and Heidi were absent at the beginning however Heidi beat Tony back by around ten minutes. We munched flapjack, drank tea and chatted. Lena came to say hello and to ask if I’d adopted the skinny white dog which was hanging around the camping during the Easter Holidays. I confessed, to her pleasure, that I had. It would appear that she likes him too.

Skinny has been free with the other dogs since we returned from the Evening Walk yesterday. I wanted to see how feeding them all together would work. I’ve been feeding Skinny in the Boris run and Luis inside the van. I didn’t want Skinny to be under pressure to eat his food nor Luis to hoover up that of Obi who eats almost the same quantity in twice the time. Everything went according to plan so I left Skinny out all night with access to his bed and house as well as a blanket under the awning with Obi. I knew that Obi and Skinny would be fine together however Skinny was not brave enough to come into the van last night. He’s made several visits to the van during the day as he has been out for as long as the others. I’ve left them together for short periods whilst visiting the loo. I notice Skinny has now taken up position inside the van so we’ll see how things work out when the others come in.

Following a high of 25.6℃ water is now dripping onto the decking from the roof due to the humidity which is 83%. Cooler air from the sea is mingling with warm, humid air from the land.

It’s polling day in Greece where seventeen-year-olds have voted today for the first time and voting is compulsory. Italian polling stations are the last to close whereupon the results from the countries that voted earlier can be made known. The delay is to prevent bias to those countries which vote last.

A big thistle
The bees are going to be busy


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