Steffi, Sascha and Zora return home

Sascha and Steffi were about to leave Grammeno as I walked past with the dogs at 05:30. They had a rental car which they would leave at Iraklion airport. In a moment of abandon, I had offered to drive them in their car, but as it’s eight hours to Iraklion and back, I was easily persuaded to rescind my offer.

The Early Walk was more active than of late with all dogs, bar Obi off the lead. Oskar, Charlie and Skinny were the first to be released followed by Luis, who mostly entertained Ursula and then finally Fido. Initially, Luis, Skinny, Charlie and Oskar were running around after the ball. The sight of Luis racing Skinny is amusing due to the effortless way Skinny can cover the ground. Ursula continued to throw Luis’ ball whilst I walked round with the others. Skinny wandered off to Grammeno Beach a couple of times. I knew Georgia’s dogs would be inside so he wouldn’t be triggering her dogs to bark. The camping is reasonably busy so the customers are not up for being woken at 06:00.

I returned with the other dogs leaving Luis with Ursula as he was slowing everyone down. Skinny was wandering Grammeno Beach but came back as we approached. He came to be put back on his lead once I’d clipped the others to a nearby fence. He was just a little reluctant as they were a bit boisterous but they were all fine and walked together as a rabble. A German lad was waiting for the bus outside the camping. He was heading to Gavthos so going to Paleochora for the daily ferry. I warned him the ferry could be a little temperamental and to take a stock of emergency rations in case he can’t get back as planned.

I ran and visited the bakery as Ursula, assisted by Obi, performed her Pilates. I had a shower followed by some breakfast before sorting out a NAS for Mr Lawrence’s offsite backups at his home. This was followed by a little standby and then some website work. Maria called to bring a letter containing my PPI forms and to ask if I’d man reception whilst she went to Petrakis to order stuff for the MiniMarket. She was only going to be ‘about an hour but ended up being over two hours. Two new customers with motorhomes arrived, both from Germany. An older couple in a bus conversion and a younger couple with various animals who’d visited before a number of years previously. The older couple spoke little English so I needed to exercise my German. I expressed my displeasure when Maria eventually returned to relieve me then went to see Tony and Ursula for a quick cup of tea and some flapjack as it was nearly time for the Evening Walk.

The dogs were positively lethargic on the walk with only Skinny showing a degree of enthusiasm. The walk was all on lead and uneventful. I fed the dogs then went to Ursula to collect a big vat of curry she’d been preparing. Tony wasn’t feeling like eating so stayed behind. He had no idea what e was missing! It was a lovely meal. Thank you very much, Ursula!

I’m falling asleep with various insects attacking my bare legs so will disappear to the repaired loos and thence to bed.


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