From the dogs at least. Radio Paradise is playing on my laptop as I write however the dogs are quiet. Luis is inside and Skinny in his run due to his propensity to scale the fence and go walkabout. We’ve recently returned from the Evening Walk which was good fun. Luis amused Ursula by running after a ball when she threw it for him. Fido ran a couple of times before taking himself off atop the rocks to chew his ball. Skinny half-heartedly joined Charlie by playing with the red ball and even Heidi was seen running with a ball at one time. She has very limited ball-drive. On our return, we saw the recently arrived German couple with their dogs. They were in the car park and had the good sense to stand still until I’d got things under control and could progress along Alonaki beach. As we passed in front of greenhouses which are opposite the camping, I greeted the guy winding down the ventilation covers. He has invited me to partake of some tomatoes which he assures me contain no pesticides. We’ve made a date for tomorrow evening.

The afternoon was taken up with website activity and the morning with some light clothes-washing and a simple support call. I sorted out some washing for Janne and Erica before breakfast. Other activities included a little resting in the warm sun and a look at the papers.

There were, of course, all the other usual morning activities such as the Early Walk, run and shower as well as cat feeding. Judging by the rapidity the food disappears, I think I must be feeding every cat in the camping. We seem to have accumulated quite a number of cats as well as a couple of extra dogs. One little black dog has been hanging around the camping recently. I thought it belonged to a customer, as did Maria, however, it transpires it’s yet another stray dog.

Whilst running this morning, I was overtaken by a small boy running along with his school satchel on his back. He was running the other way the other morning and looked quite puffed as though he had run some distance. This morning he was going to the school bus pickup point but I managed to overtake him before he got there as he’d started walking. He probably felt sorry for the poor old guy and didn’t want to show me up! The Albanians, who stand outside the supermarket in the hope of being picked up for work, were doubly amused today as they saw not only me but also Janne who took the same route as he passed a little while later. Erica usually power-walks in the mornings but has a twisted ankle so is confined to limited activity at present.

Today’s high is 25.7℃ but the days has been a bit of a mixture. Starting with a cool breeze early morning, followed by stillness and then some very short spatterings of rain. The afternoon turned chillier and I needed an extra layer for the Evening Walk. It’s nearly June and still the weather hasn’t quite got its act together.

It’s 21:45, the mosquitoes are eating my legs again so I might retire inside.


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