A little under the weather

I wasn’t on top form yesterday but today less so. The Early Walk was only half the usual distance and a run didn’t happen. I’ve spent quite a lot of the day doing nothing or sleeping which is not such a bad thing.

As good as his word, the tomato man from last night appeared with about 10kg of large tomatoes. I’m still none the wiser why I’ve been singled out for this honour. Ursula has produced some extremely tasty stuffed tomatoes accompanied by an equally tasty salad. These are now history as well as the remains of the Swiss beetroot and horseradish dip which was at the end of its use-by period. I’d not felt much like eating but have made up for that now.

Earlier in the day, I went with Ursula and Heidi to take Skinny for a walk on the beach as he only had a lead walk this morning so deserved a little extra. We wandered round to the Big Beach on the Promontory. I went paddling with Skinny and Ursula decided to go swimming. I only went as far as my knees and might have been tempted to go in on another occasion.

A long while ago, I bought a 10m and 30m lunge lead for dog training. The 10m one was very useful until it literally fell apart having rotted away. I kept the 30m one for future use and took it out to use to find that it too was rotten. Skinny’s propensity for running off is quite annoying so I want to be able to walk him but give him the opportunity to exercise properly. As the season progresses, it will be more important to have him under control. I know that he’s a soppy, daft white dog that wants to play but others might not see it that way. I could buy long leads on Amazon for £30 or from China for £2.50. I settled for lower quality and resigned myself to replacing them regularly. So that he can be part of the community, I borrowed a wire tie-out lead from Ursula so that he can move around but not keep jumping over the compound fence to go off visiting the customers. Some are delighted to see him but others, less so. He’s curled up on a blanket in the awning tent at present. From there, he can access the water, going outside and be with everyone else. I felt rather sorry for him confined to his compound. He doesn’t have to be there for his own wellbeing as they seem to have accepted him so far and he has established his presence and does not run off as soon as one of them looks at him. Oskar was a little close to Skinny’s bowl earlier and I could hear him warning Oskar to back off.

The rhubarb, having been planted out in an old van tyre full of compost with a layer of fermented horse poo, has sprouted a fourth leaf. I still feel that rhubarb crumble is a little bit premature.

Janne culled some of his baby Aloe veras and I have planted a couple around the compound. The others took a bit of a hammering during the winter as all the rain ensured a fine crop of snails which feasted on the aloe vera plants.

I didn’t feel up for an Evening Walk today so plan to take myself off to bed in a few moments.


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