I discovered I’d downloaded the first few episodes of Bodyguard so thought I’d watch the first one. The evening was yet young so I watched the second. I’ll be interested to see how it progresses.

Everyone slept inside last night, except Skinny and Obi who chose to be elsewhere. It was windy all night building to a crescendo at getting up time.… Read the rest


Oskar felt I should be woken around 02:00. He obviously realised I needed a wee anyway. Something was probably wandering around in the dead vegetation on the other side of the fence. Oskar needs little excuse to let everyone know he’s feeling threatened by anything. Most of his bluster is an attempt to frighten everything away so he doesn’t have to deal with it.… Read the rest

Like a dog!

I’m getting used to it now by my laptop is running like a dog. It’s ponderous and slow but I’m getting used to it. When the replacement battery eventually arrives, it will be like a new laptop!

I’m not entirely sure why I was awake at 04:20 but I decided to get up as the dogs were restless.… Read the rest

No pussies!

A gentle whimpering aroused me from my blissfuls at 04:15. Skinny had managed to wind himself around one of the guy ropes of the Southern SunBlocker so was unable to make progress without breaking it. I jumped out of bed and went to his rescue not shutting the van gate properly behind me. I was soon joined by the other dogs who’d decided that this was a good time to get up.… Read the rest

Shopping trip

It had to be done as there was a distinct lack of food so I couldn’t afford to put it off much longer. I have a meal in the freezer but that’s not really the kind of meal when it’s hot. I try not to keep much in the freezer when the camping’s busy as they take up quite a bit of space.… Read the rest

Little Pussies

The Little Pussies are now not so little: they eat like horses and fight like demons! I watched them during their training sessions earlier and was surprised by the energy and determination of their attacks on each other. All part of the learning process which will soon be required to survive in the outside world. I’ve noticed that Georgia’s cat no longer lingers near to the storeroom.… Read the rest

Hot and noisy

People left and were replaced by new arrivals in the new cabins. For a Sunday, they arrived quite late. A group of people in three cars decided to have an all-nighter on Alonáki Beach just opposite me. They were not particularly noisy just enjoying themselves in a relaxed sort of way. Noise travels well in the stillness of the night anyway.… Read the rest

Luis puffed his way around

It was already 26℃ as we set off out the gate onto the field past the newly transplanted fig tree. Luis was already huffing in the van so continued to do so during the walk across the field, along the road and onto the Promontory. Kostas’ car was in its usual place however he was out on the rocks gathering salt as any self-respecting SaltMan should be doing at 04:45 of a Sunday morning.… Read the rest

The hottest Day – so far…

With a high of 36.1℃ (97℉) today is the hottest day of the year so far. June is often hotter than July and August with days reaching to 45℃ which is quite warm.

That said, it was cooler again this morning for the Early Walk so less strenuous for the run too. There were some bodies on the beach so we had to modify our path to avoid encountering them.… Read the rest

The Longest Day – a good title for a film

Today is 21 June, the longest day of 2019 with a top temperature of 33.4℃ and a gentle breeze. The early morning was the coolest for a little while which made the Early Walk more pleasant. For the past few days we’ve seen new tyre tracks out onto the Promontory and once, Kostas’ black Jeep was parked.… Read the rest

Out to lunch

I was wandering down to see off Pete (SA) not Pete (UK) who is leaving to stay at Kissamos for a few days before taking the ferry to the Peloponnese and thence to Athens. He had his motorbike all packed up and was saying goodbye to his neighbours. Georgia intercepted me to bring me up-to-date with the most recent goings-on and to invite me to dine with her at the restaurant.… Read the rest

Entertaining again

I was earlier to bed last night and fell asleep pretty quickly so it was around 04:25 when I woke and got out of bed today. The walk went without problem and there were no FreeLoaders so all terribly boring. I even came back with the same number of dogs!

I ran not quite as quickly as yesterday but only by a few seconds which I could have made up if I’d tried.… Read the rest

A little hexperiment

All bar Obi were in the van last night. He preferred to remain outside however Skinny decided he’d join the riff-raff inside. After initial bouncing around, we all settled down to partake of a peaceful, albeit short night due to the lateness of turning-in.

I was awake before my 04:35 alarm so got up and dressed.… Read the rest

Better late…

I had a visitor this evening. Not that he stayed late, just that Obi ran the gate as he came into the compound. It was not just Obi but Fido too. He came back soon enough but Obi needed to visit everyone in the camping. He visited Maria in reception, any customers who would pet him as well as the bar and the beach.… Read the rest

Holiday Weekend

I wanted an early start this morning so as to be back before everyone got up. I was unaware that someone was right up against the north fence so there was a slight hiccup while Oskar and Luis went to investigate. Not such a good thing at 04:45 on a Sunday morning. I decided to leave via the field as any surreptitious exit via the camping was no longer an option as the game was already up.… Read the rest

Not-so-fluffy Oskar

A rude awakening at 00:50 with barking in the compound which was joined by barking inside the van. I did not discover the reason for the outburst but suspect it might have been the result of a feline altercation outside. I decided to put Skinny into his run and took the opportunity to visit the loo.… Read the rest

First customers for the enhanced cabins

Some noisy [stray] dogs infiltrated the camping during the early hours resulting in manic barking from the northwestern quarter of the camping. Mine were disturbed by this, consequently, I was out of my bed around 04:35, slightly ahead of my daily wake-up time. I got up, fed the cats and then harnessed the dogs. Obi and Skinny were out all night as it was probably the best place to be.… Read the rest

Stuffed tomatoes?

This is definitely the last night of stuffed tomatoes. It’s just amazing how far a cup-full of rice and a few chopped vegetables and some herbs will go. The remainder of the tomato insides has been blended with some onion, garlic and a little hot pepper to go on some rusks at the beginning or end.… Read the rest

Summer’s officially here

I even felt just a little chilly in the night and needed to apply my thin fleecy blanket over my sheet. I thought it might be cold on the Promontory but I needn’t have worried unduly as it was warm enough when we set off on the Early Walk and I soon removed the polo shirt over my T-shirt.… Read the rest

Stuffed tomatoes

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The Early walk was more organised than yesterdays. I didn’t bother to try to take all of the dogs around the Promontory once. Luis was already dragging behind before we’d managed to reach the end. I took out a wire rope loop to sling around the rocks so that I could fasten the Brown Dogs to it while I walked around with the other three.… Read the rest

They will burst

Those pussies simply cannot be eating as much as they are! I have reason to believe no other cat is getting the food so it must be true. I have filled their bowl several times today and each occasion it’s they who are eating the food. The kittens are now becoming far more adventurous roaming around the storeroom getting into all kinds of mischief.… Read the rest

Ursula, Tony and Heidi leave Grammeno

Another warm night and morning for the Early Walk. It was Ursula and Heidi’s final Early Walk until the end of September when they will return to Grammeno for a few weeks. I left a few dogs with Ursula and went off with the faster group. We found a tent which probably belonged to the owners of the car parked in the car park.… Read the rest

Packing up

A car was parked in the Grammeno Beach car park so I guessed there might be someone on the Promontory somewhere. I thought it could possibly be a fisherman but it was still a bit early, even for them. We were ahead of Ursula so used the time to set off for our first lap. I kept all of the dogs on the lead as I wasn’t quite sure what I might find.… Read the rest

Lunch at Anydri

Ursula had some washing for the machine but not a complete load so I made it up and set the machine going just before 05:00. We then went out for the Early Walk, Ursula via the beach with Heidi and me on the road through the main gate. The walk was very pleasant as it was warm and the sky was clear.… Read the rest

75th anniversary of D-Day 1944

Listening to Winston Churchill’s memoirs once again, I still find the period fascinating. There was talk of an invasion of France in 1942 but only the Dieppe Raid, Operation Jubilee, actually took place. None of the objectives of the raid were achieved and the losses of men and materials were significant. One good thing to come out of the raid was that it showed how hard it was to land significant forces on defended beaches and the likely losses to be sustained.… Read the rest

Officially Skinny

There was a freshness as we walked up the Promontory this morning in the lightening sky. There had been no breakouts in the night as the van door was kept closed in the knowledge that a certain dog could easily jump the van gate then scale the perimeter fence. We overtook Ursula and Heidi so set off on a quick circuit.… Read the rest


The day got underway in the usual fashion except last night, Skinny was inside the van all night and didn’t fidget. We now know that he can jump the gate and get out without a problem. The gate was not constructed with him in mind.

We were out on the Promontory just ahead of Ursula and I set off promptly for a quick circuit leaving her to arrive in her own time.… Read the rest

A new fusebox

Bursting with energy, I was up and almost out before the alarm but not quite. Skinny was sleeping peacefully on a blanket when I went out to the loo at bedtime last night so I felt it unkind to put him in his run and left him there on his wire. He was a good boy and didn’t make any noise during the night.… Read the rest

Officially introduced

This evening I was officially introduced to the kittens which were born a few days before I left for UK. There are three of them, one more timid than the others. The mother has been coming regularly to see me for food so I guessed the kittens were being weaned. They seemed to have no trouble eating the dried food which I put in a bowl just the other side of the fence on the northeast corner of the compound.… Read the rest