A new fusebox

Bursting with energy, I was up and almost out before the alarm but not quite. Skinny was sleeping peacefully on a blanket when I went out to the loo at bedtime last night so I felt it unkind to put him in his run and left him there on his wire. He was a good boy and didn’t make any noise during the night. He was still as active as usual when I started to get up. He was bouncing about like a dog on steroids but quieter when I got them all out onto the road. The yappy dog which lives in the tent amongst the trees has stopped yapping first thing in the morning. Good news for everyone really.

We made it to the Promontory end before Ursula so I used the time to do a circuit. The final trip round was with Skinny on the lead and Charlie and Oskar as outriders. I’ve been keeping Skinny on the lead as he used to trot off back to the camping. This morning, I released him at the north end of the Promontory to see what would happen. He, Charlie and Oskar had a great time racing around on the Big Beach and in the sea. They were charging about but playing nicely. It’s good to see that Oskar seems to be discovering how to be a dog. We walked back over the rocks and all three dogs were still with me at the end!


We completed the usual run, Pilates and shower then I made some breakfast. I had a little IT job to complete for Mr Lawrence. I was on the phone to him when the electricity went off. I later discovered the fuse box in the workshop was being replaced. How difficult would it have been to warn Janne and I the power would be off? Admittedly, the fuse box was long overdue for replacement so it was a good job. The new panel has encompassed all the ancillary items including the box which feeds Janne and I. The wiring to my van was put in by me so has now been officially assimilated into the replacement system. The three new cabins east of T2 and behind T3 are responsible for this rash replacement. The existing was a horrid bodge anyway.

My power eventually went back on so I was able to start cooking the meal I’d invited Ursula and Tony to. It had been on the cards for yesterday but Tony and Ursula ate out so was postponed. They both seem to have survived and have not long left to go to bed.

There was tea and the remainder of the fruit and sprinkles from yesterday. This was followed by the Evening Walk which passed without incident. It was very pleasant out at the end of the Promontory with the dogs running after their balls or generally wandering about. The morning run was quite long so there was no need to hang around for too long.

The high today was 26.6℃ but with some wind later in the afternoon. The forecast is 22, 23 and 24℃ then up to 28-29℃ for the weekend. It seems that summer may have finally arrived and I can think about taking down the awning tent to put up the shades,


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