The day got underway in the usual fashion except last night, Skinny was inside the van all night and didn’t fidget. We now know that he can jump the gate and get out without a problem. The gate was not constructed with him in mind.

We were out on the Promontory just ahead of Ursula and I set off promptly for a quick circuit leaving her to arrive in her own time. After the first lap, I swapped some dogs out and went round again with Skinny, Oskar and Charlie. On the return leg, I let Skinny go and we all went back to the end of the Promontory via the rocks. So far, so good. The next circuit didn’t work quite as I’d planned as Fido joined us and disappeared with Skinny, Charlie and Oskar as we went north up the Big Beach. I could see Skinny on Grammeno Beach as for the others, it wasn’t so easy. I went to recover them finding Charlie in the beach car park and I could hear Fido barking at something in the camping. Oskar and Skinny were nowhere to be seen.

Fido appeared from the camping so I took him and Charlie back to the van. Next, I found Oskar and he was returned too. Skinny was nowhere to be seen. I headed back south up the Promontory and met with Ursula who had Luis, Obi and Heidi.

I took a lead with me when I went running in case I ‘ran’ into Skinny. Ursula announced the return of Skinny when I got back. Apparently, he came to the gate but then wandered off. Ursula finally reacquired him behind T2. I got a shower and then went to see if I could see the kittens. Their mummy appeared to encourage them out so I was able to get some photos.

Ursula’s car battery has been going flat so I went to check it to find that it was only 20% charged. I put on the charger and left it to charge up. I contacted Manolis for him to get a replacement as Ursula is reluctant to get stuck in a ferry with a flat battery for some reason.

I had some breakfast having tidied up the wreckage from the previous evening. In the general run of things, I try to tidy up before bed but it was a bit late last night.

Much of the day was spent looking for an image file buried deep in one of EG’s group websites. The reason for the search is too boring to contemplate trying to explain. Suffice to say, I was unable to find it despite an in-depth search.

Before going to join Ursula and Tony for tea and a most delightful cake, I went to the office to pick up some papers and a couple of packets delivered earlier by the mailman. Maria has a number of pussies in her presence despite all her allergies. A small, black kitten made itself at home on my lap for the duration of my visit. I mentioned to Maria there were quite a few cats in the camping including four near me.

Ursula, Tony and I drank tea and ate cake and then we walked our dogs separately. The walk was far less adventurous than this morning.

My evening meal is a repeat of last night and it has been sitting for 32 minutes in the Instant Pot reheating so I’d better get on and eat it.


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