Officially Skinny

There was a freshness as we walked up the Promontory this morning in the lightening sky. There had been no breakouts in the night as the van door was kept closed in the knowledge that a certain dog could easily jump the van gate then scale the perimeter fence. We overtook Ursula and Heidi so set off on a quick circuit. I was escorting Fido, Luis, Obi and Skinny so it was quite hard-going for me although Skinny was keen enough to walk just unpredictable in his course.

I passed two of the Brown Dogs over to Ursula before taking Skinny and Fido over the rocks with Oskar and Charlie as outriders. We managed to go a little quicker without Luis who had slowed progress on the previous circuit. We returned Fido and I suggested Ursula might throw their balls once I was safely out of range so unlikely to follow me. Again, we set off over the rocks with only Oskar as escort. I wanted to get on so suggested we return to the camping. I had a printer to install for Inter Sport and a small job for EG.

I went off to run leaving Ursula in charge of the dogs whilst she carried out her Pilates. Once back with an apple pastry, I went for a shower and then started work whilst my porridge prepared itself in the Instant Pot. Inter Sport had purchased a replacement printer for the office. This needs installing on nearly all of their computers so I needed to get a move on if I was to make my self-imposed departure time of 11:00 to go to Máleme to see Stavros.

The installation went according to plan so I enjoyed my breakfast before going to wash the windscreen of the car. The road construction creates huge amounts of dust which is stirred up with each passing vehicle. No car remains clean for more than a very short time. We took Skinny, Luis and Heidi and set off towards Paleochora so that we could pick up Ursula who had delivered her car to Manolis’ garage for a battery replacement.

There was considerable activity on the mountain road. We encountered several machines and trucks busily clearing away the fallen debris from the winter rains. Some were benefitting as the spoil was discharged in nearby private gardens and olive groves. It was around 12:30 when we backed into Stavros’ car park. He was busy in conversation with someone who was probably a representative so we waited in the adjacent seating area. Shortly after, a woman arrived carrying a cat box which she asked Stavros’ assistant to place well away so that the dogs didn’t stress the cat. The assistant dutifully locked the cat into one of the recovery cages in the treatment room. Heidi had her passport updated, then it was the turn of Skinny.

I wanted to know if Skinny had a microchip so that I might trace his owner. He did not have one so Stavros gave him a chip plus a rabies shot combined with an umbrella vaccination for various illnesses. He weighed him and we talked about Cretan Hounds. The assistant was quite excited by Skinny saying he was a fine example and should be quite valuable. Skinny now has a Pet Passport so is able to go on his holidays if the opportunity arises. Stavros suggested Skinny might gain a couple of kilos but should not exceed 18-19kg as he’s a hunting dog.

Luis was next. I wanted to know if his noisy breathing was a clinical problem. Stavros checked Luis’ lungs and listened to his heart: he pronounced him fit and well. We went out to fill in Skinny’s passport and to add him to my registered dog collection.

We were about to leave when Stavros released the cat from custody. We thought the surgery was being demolished! The cat even made it out of the surgery into the shop itself. Now, there’s a cat that needs a tranquilliser before being looked at. Stavros ushered us out of the shop and presumably managed to capture the moggy and regain control of the situation.

We set off back to Grammeno southwards through the mountains. We commented on how green they still were and how many landslips there had been during the winter. The workmen were doing a good job tidying up and everything looked neat and tidy. We had one stop on the way back to look at the plot of land which Sascha and Steffi have purchased in Spaniakos. I even managed to find it again and to drive straight there. Surprising really as it was Sascha who drove me there last time so I wasn’t really concentrating. We looked at the plot, admired the lovely view then got the dogs back into the car for the trip to Manolis’ garage where I dropped Ursula, Tony and Heidi at their car. The replacement battery had been installed and they went off for some lunch and to do some shopping. I took Luis and Skinny back to Grammeno where I was soon to be met by Olivia who informed me that Maria is ill and had taken to her bed. Would I mind doing a stint at reception: perhaps an hour or two from 17:00. I agreed to person reception until 19:30 whereupon Georgia would take my place. I checked out three customers and checked one in/out. Zanna’s little black kitten was sitting on the office chair and helped to amuse me during my stint. She played with some keys on the desk, typed a message to Ursula and amused some Austrian children in whose tent she had spent the previous night. Ursula bought me tea and cake and stayed to look at the kitten before returning to Tony. Georgia arrived punctually at 19:30 and Maria returned from the doctor’s with Manolis. I left them to it sloping off to walk the dogs.

I met Ursula and Heidi as I walked across the car park with my lot. We walked together for a short distance before Ursula turned back towards the camping. I went to the end and we played ball for a little before returning to the camping. Georgia was still at the reception as we entered the gate.

My spinach and rice is cooking. Luis and Fido are in the van, Charlie and Oskar are in the main compound with Obi and Skinny is curled up trying to be a small dog by my chair.

Skinny is now officially registered as Skinny. He is definitely skinny and the word works in Greek too. The word for ‘rope’ on Greek is ‘Σκοινί’ which is pronounced skiNI with the emphasis on the final ‘NI’ so Skinny or ‘Σκοινί’ works in both languages. After all, a rope is long and thin which describes Skinny (AKA Σκοινι).


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