75th anniversary of D-Day 1944

Listening to Winston Churchill’s memoirs once again, I still find the period fascinating. There was talk of an invasion of France in 1942 but only the Dieppe Raid, Operation Jubilee, actually took place. None of the objectives of the raid were achieved and the losses of men and materials were significant. One good thing to come out of the raid was that it showed how hard it was to land significant forces on defended beaches and the likely losses to be sustained. The Dieppe Raid was very costly for what it achieved at the time but likely significantly very important to Operation Torch, the invasion of North Africa and Operation Overlord on 6 June 1944. The youngest soldiers from Overlord would now be ninety-three years old.

The day began in the usual way, the sky was mostly clear and the temperature was relatively fresh. I considered removing my thin fleece at one point but contented myself with just rolling up the sleeves. There were no dramatic events and we returned with the same number of dogs as we left. I ran and reappeared with a slice of Spinach pie for Tony. I showered then sat down for a little while which is always fatal. My breakfast was somewhat later than I’d intended.

Much of the day was spent fiddling around with websites or just chilling out generally. Yesterday was quite intensive so it was nice not to have to rush around too much today. Maria was back in the office and reported herself to be feeling better than the day before.

Tea time came round so I went down to Tony and Ursula for a cup of tea and the last of the cake. After tea, I went back to straighten out the awning tent before taking the dogs for their evening walk. Ursula was making the evening meal which comprised of boureki, potato pie, salad and chopped tomatoes with a hint of garlic on Cretan rusks. All very tasty and there’s still some boureki and tomato to eat. Too much for tonight though.

Ursula and Tony have now left and gone to bed and so must I.


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