Lunch at Anydri

Ursula had some washing for the machine but not a complete load so I made it up and set the machine going just before 05:00. We then went out for the Early Walk, Ursula via the beach with Heidi and me on the road through the main gate. The walk was very pleasant as it was warm and the sky was clear. There’s no moon yet as we’re at the beginning of the cycle. Oskar and Charlie accompanied Skinny and I on all three circuits of the Promontory of which two went over the rocks, one out and return. I let Skinny off the lead for the last return leg and he and Oskar played boisterously together on the Small Beach with Oskar the instigator. We went back over the rocks and then spent time in the lagoon area.

We were getting the dogs together when I spied Dimitris, the Bulgarian, collecting salt in the distance. Fortunately, the dogs had not spotted him collecting salt in the distance and we were able to get them all on the lead and produce some biscuits to distract them. We walked back to the camping and I collected the washing from the machine and hung mine up. Ursula got on with her Pilates and I went for a run and a chocolate croissant for Tony.

A shower and breakfast followed and then there was a gap in the morning. I did some IT support work for EG and had a conversation with Terry. Ursula went swimming, showered and then came to cut my hair. It was beginning to look a little straggly and I like it to be short in the summer so that I don’t have to bother with it. There’s a bit missing in the middle of my head so it might just as well be the same length all over! She did a good job, I showered and then we set off for Anydri in the Mitsubishi. Peter, an English guy who’s been on the camping a couple of weeks came too as I’d suggested he might like to eat there.

We had a very enjoyable meal with Janne and Erica then returned to the camping via Petrakis where I bought fruit for my breakfast. I needed to make my bed and take down my washing and fold it up. By then, it was time for the Evening Walk so I gathered up the dogs to meet up with Heidi and Ursula at the end of the Promontory. It was a lovely evening so we sat on the rocks with the dogs and had a chat. The dogs were lugubrious and there were several cars in the car park, so I felt it better to keep them all together and on the lead.

We eventually returned to find that Janne and Erica were still involved in a meeting with Maria and Georgia. I’m certain to get the full story tomorrow. I know that Janne’s camera is still a contentious matter so will await the outcome.

I received a message earlier regarding Skinny. From someone who must have got my details from the German couple who said they would post his details on the club website. He seemed keen to have him and wished to collect him. I replied that Skinny was no longer available.

It’s now nearly 23:15. Luis and Oskar are inside the van, Oskar from choice. Luis still fixates on the cat and the kittens outside the compound. Fido is under my chair, Charlie is stretched out on the decking, Obi is sleeping in the sand and Skinny is on a blanket asleep at the entrance to the tent. Today’s high is 33.7℃ and it’s still 21.4℃ as I write.


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